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  2. Nice looking set--looks like SS? I think I'm gonna go with the Wunderlich bars, as they allow retention of the engine spoilers and are about as easy an install as you can ask for when it comes to motorcycle farkeling. I think a set in red is what the doctor ordered. https://www.wunderlichamerica.com/BMW_R1200_GS_R1200_R_R1200_RS_Sport_Engine_Bars
  3. Hoping Lyshawnda doesn't come looking for me....😬
  4. Thx for the info. I never used the quick shift much--too many years of habit pulling in the clutch lever. Plus, I'm always a bit leery of technology that gets "pushed down" from the race environment to the street. Race teams think nothing of rebuilding trannys and gear dogs and final drives several times a season, but I sure as hell don't want to do that to my street ride every 15-20K miles. The times I did play around with it, I didn't think it was particularly glitchy, but the ratio spread from 1>2 and 2>3 were a bit large and made for an abrupt gear change. The rest of the shifts from 3-4-5-6 were fine and pretty smooth transitions. Makes me wonder if they changed the lower gear ratios to minimize the hit, or possibly lengthened the spark cut-off during the transition to allow the engine to match revs before relighting.
  5. Good for you Bubba, great bike man.
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  7. Nice. 2018 will have the updated quick shifter package. You should notice right away that it functions better than the 2016. It's sharp. Sucks that you had to buy it, but congrats nonetheless.
  8. Hmmm. Not what the missus said. Of course, I deserved that comment because I asked her what she thought. She can be brutally honest, but at least I always know where I stand. 🤣 I pulled the trigger on an '18 Premium Edition RS for sale in St Louis at Gateway BMW. More cubic zirconium than I was looking to spend but a clean low mileage bike that they're gonna put new tires on and perform the 6K mile service before it goes out the door. Have to tap a bud to do a drive-n-ride with me to get it home, but cheaper than having it shipped. I should be good for a 10-hour RT in the truck pretty soon. https://www.gatewaybmw.com/default.asp?page=xPreOwnedInventoryDetail&id=12540182&p=2&s=Year&d=D&fr=xPreOwnedInventory
  9. That is hardly stupid. I was looking on CycleTrader for you the other day. I have only ridden mine about 2000 miles and it's already replacing my GSA. I bought them from SierraBMW. They are BMW bars and they're $500 for the set. I did cancel my order and decided to go a different route. I would have to remove the engine spoilers on my bike to use the BMW cages. My vanity took the wheel after I made that discovery. https://www.shopbmwmotorcycle.com/collections/bmw-r1200rs-wc-16-on/products/bmw-r1200rs-wc-16-on-r-wc-15-on-engine-protection-bar-set
  10. Pauly, just to show you how stupid I am, I'm already searching for another RS. Got a link to the bars you purchased? BMW part or aftermarket?
  11. Last week
  12. Couple pics from Nelsons last weekend.
  13. We were on the Cheohala Thursday.
  14. If you do end up pulling the fuse box, now is the time to replace them all.
  15. Someone also suggested using a pick, I don't have a set of those, so I'm going to pick one up and try that first.
  16. Gonna have to pull the box to get behind it and pull the plug out like you would a wire from a connector.
  17. Anyone have a good way of removing a broken / corroded prong from a relay in a fuse box? The headlights in my Fiesta stopped working, I went to pull the relay and sure enough, it was corroded and broke right off. Part of the prong is stuck in there now, and not enough for me to grab it with anything.
  18. We drove through Maggie OTW to Cherokee. We stayed at the casino there. Wednesday morning around 930 was when we hit the Dragon, on the way out. Didn't see a car or a bike until we got through it and stopped at the overlook. It was great.
  19. Looks like a great trip. The Dragon was pretty empty last Tuesday and Wednesday. We were in Maggie Valley for the week. Glad you're home safe, but the Vid can suck it. I've got to get my wife on the back of a wing some time.
  20. It disappears as soon as you get over 10mph. My short self was able to ride this without too much trouble with the short person seat installed.
  21. If you look carefully you will see there is plenty of room. I thought about that as we took off, my intent was to take it easy. That didn't happen. Good news is that the highway pegs fold right up when they hit, and then the footpegs hit long before any of the bracket for the highway pegs hits. So I am happy with that, just need to fold them up before the twisties.
  22. A personal note about BMW driveshaft maintenance... I would do the same thing for a Goldwing drive shaft, minus the extended breather tube. BMW is basically admitting that their lack of required service for driveshaft splines is an error. Any final drive with a splined coupler needs periodic maintenance. It's a point of friction, which is why they make moly spline lube. I clearly lie well inside the lines of overkill in terms of my service intervals, but it's also why I can say I am not remotely concerned about this "recall". No way am I letting somebody I do not know, have never worked beside, nor seen use a power tool, get anywhere near my bike with a drill, tap and die. Not a snowball's chance in hell is that ever happening. I will just keep doing what I do and will leave that nightmare scenario to the yuppies that can't service their own machines.
  23. You have me convinced. I just bought crash bars for my RS not five minutes ago.
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