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  1. How long until the challenge is renewed?
  2. Did you test for monkeypox yet?
  3. looks right to me. Depending on the bike some can sense resistance and will act like a bulb is out or other funny things. Some aftermarket signals are a bit underpowered in bright sunlight and have separate LEDs which you can run both + wires to the signal harness as another option.
  4. Classic OR spring ride mistake. You have to cancel the ride to block the rain.
  5. I saw deez proper canoes yesterday.
  6. Next time put the order in for firstname: rub your balls on my tires.
  7. I just lost an offer on a place Saturday on a large lot where I could have driven bikes into a walkout basement.
  8. The moose at the entrance shoulda toldya' Is tonik the moose?
  9. looking for places to float mine down south this year.
  10. motocat12


    I heard new bikes still have them.
  11. why is it going from SW to Northern ohio when N to SE is the best route?
  12. The average american would benefit from a food shortage.
  13. Those are what their big bike had starting in like 2000
  14. Wasted a bit of time fussing to get fender liner holes to line up after replacing a flickering driving light. Discovered the frame mount bends with less force than the push clip takes to compress
  15. Face book has tons of ads for people who buy & sell them and I assume run them out of state where they can be sold. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/104041992965282/search?query=catalytic
  16. They finally admitted next Saturday's forecast
  17. Is he up for some russians next?
  18. Wonder if Rock was one of the dudes.
  19. Chicken Hawk knee sliders opened box, new with sew-on female velcros. These are thick chicks. $15 Columbus
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