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  1. Tim I appreciate you thinking of me. Currently I’m so busy, I barely had time for the Spring ride I organized. I just put the date on the calendar and told my family I was taking that day for myself. My daughter just graduated last weekend. Now the focus is finishing out the school year, and then getting ready for a graduation party for my daughter. Maybe things will slow down and I can shoot for the July dates.
  2. Still a down vote there. I’m guessing they’re concerned for the clinched fist you have. Looks like doc is about to get decked.
  3. Glad you’re doing okay and have plans to return to 2 wheels.
  4. @Uncle Punk and @NinjaDoc here’s something to remember your day.
  5. I almost pulled to the side and asked you what you wanted. Wish I would have, probably would have saved you the tip over. I will for sure ride again this summer and more than likely post up since a lot of you seem to be interested. I just don’t know how soon that will be. My youngest daughter is graduating this year and we have lots of family members as well that have graduation parties to attend. It will probably be easier for me to get out on a weekday than it will be a weekend. Thanks for your kind words Todd and for blowing my doors off down 83 as your drug Nivin behind you. I hung for a little while but nearly went left of center at one point and figured that was my sign to dial it back.
  6. Thanks to all that showed up today. This ride was the first time I’ve ever seen a ride grow as the day approached. Usually you start with 15 guys saying they will show and only have 4-5 show on the day of the ride. Originally we started with 5 guys saying they were going to ride and had like 15 show up today at the meet spot. I had a great time with riding with all those that rolled with me. @NinjaDoc I can’t believe you traveled as far as you did to meet up with us. It was great to see you again. @Grokked sorry you went down but I’m glad you’re going to be okay. Keep us posted. @marlboro man thanks for being willing to grab his bike. OR peeps are awesome.
  7. Great to see familiar faces and meet some new peoples today. Little over 500 miles today, home safe and sound. I’ll post more later.
  8. Leaving here shortly. See you boys in a bit.
  9. I love this Doc. You live out of state and you’re still trying to recruit more riders. You’re awesome buddy. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
  10. From looking at post, here’s who I have showing up: @Gpaw, @Howabusa, @NinjaDoc, @marlboro man, and @Pauly (I’m pretty sure you’re in as well). Let me know if I’m missing anybody. I will be on the Concours so the pace may not be as spirited as my normal. My plan is to show up at the gas station near 10 to 10:15. My hopes are since our group is as small as it is that we can be rolling by 10:45 the latest.
  11. I’m hoping to ride as long as it’s not forecasted as an all day down pour. I currently don’t have a rain date.
  12. I’ve been riding it to work to save on gas.
  13. That’d be great Rick. See you next week.
  14. 8-8:15 is my guess
  15. If you bought 1 like Kent’s you could move it easy enough 🤷‍♂️.
  16. Doc it’d be epic if you showed up. I’m hoping the weather straightens around. I’ve only been out like once this year. The weather has not cooperated much around here.
  17. I like it because I can designate the route I want. Then it will speak the directions to me through my phone as well as I can see the route on my phone as I ride. I know it’s not as popular with cool young hip cats like you 😆. It’d be awesome to ride with you again.
  18. Be awesome to ride with you again Pauly.
  19. Be awesome to meet you. Hopefully it will work out this time.
  20. Be great to see you again.
  21. Totally understand. If I had a choice between Deals and SEO I’d choose Deals as well. I’m sure we’ll meet up a time or 2 this summer.
  22. Yes, my plan is to ride this route even if I end up riding it solo. The only thing that will stop me is if it’s raining.
  23. Put in close to 300 miles. Good first real ride of the year. Getting more and more comfortable with the Concours. It’s nice to hit the front brakes and feel no pulsing.
  24. @marlboro man what kind of seat pad is that? Do you like it?
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