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  1. Bump. This is an excellent opportunity to experience a TD with a low student to instructor ratio.
  2. We rent leathers. $50/day. $75/day for suit/boots/gloves Depending on who's asking I might get the fee waived just to get you there. Or I'll pay it myself.
  3. We were down there earlier this year for a staff-only event. I wanted to hit you up but wasnt open to the public. Will let you know if we venture back down there again.
  4. Well if you want to put in the effort, we'll try and make it worth your while.
  5. N2 Trackdays will be holding 4 track days over 2 weekends this year at Nelsons. It just so happens that the people running the day are also Ohio Rider members, Dan ( @Jester_ ), Ron ( @RonStopable ) and myself will be there. Stop on out and say hi or better yet jump on https://www.n2td.org/ and create an account and join us. This would be a perfect weekend as we are projecting lower numbers so that means less on-track traffic and more attention from the N2 staff that will be there. Even if you don't ride the track regularly, it can help build the skills that will keep you safer street riding. If you have never been on track before we offer a try the track program where you can get on track for 2 sessions for free with the option to pay a discounted rate for the rest of the first day ($165). Normal price for Nelsons $195/day. With basic membership $180/day. With elite membership $165/day. We really could turn this into an OR track day if enough of you sign up. Paging people like @durk I've given up hope trying to get @Pauly @Tpoppa @Uncle Punk and the like to come out. It does look like @dpgasser will be there < excited to see you again bud! Dan and I around Nelsons: Don't be fooled, Dan is much faster than me. If you ever see him behind me, it's because he "wants" to be there .
  6. Couple photos from last weekend at PIRC.
  7. TimTheAzn


    Yea major manufactures just wouldnt come and put up a booth at IMS. The last year I went I was incredibly disappointed. I was invited to the AIM expo during the days it was only open for dealers but I just didnt have the time.
  8. TimTheAzn


    lmao IMS show in Ohio was in the dead of winter. Still I'd see 1-2 bikes out front. Didnt see any public test rides at IMS ever.
  9. What is that? Another vulcan? No way that replaced the wing right?
  10. Glad all of you were able to get together and there were pics that I could live vicariously through.
  11. testing traction control
  12. Spooned new rubber on and rubbed my balls on these.
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