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    My Bike

  2. i didnt go to headliners and these r the pics that were posted up so far. ill update it as more people upload more pics.
  3. First one this season and 30+ Turnout! Gonna be a good ass season!
  4. dude check out tmcf.us

    thats where the original post for the meet is. join but it takes like upto 2 days to get ur account activated so be patient...

  5. Dude that sounds perfect. I will be off work around 1330-1400 and that gives me a couple hours with the wife and dog before I head back out. Post back up when you have solid plans/times and I will link up with you and whoever you are with on saturday afternoon/evening. I loves me some steak n shake!!!

  6. i actually just posted it on ur page check it out!
  7. we r meeting up at the YMCA on A.W. trail at noon this saturday 4/18 for an initial ride. Then i guess theres going to be people going to steak n shake just to meet up later that night... depending on how the weather is im probably gonna ride before hand (they r meeting at 9-10). Lets say the second meet up spot for the night riders is the meijer parking lot on reynolds in maumee at 8pm for a ride then going to steak n shake after that to meet up with more people... we might make it 7pm at meijer so who ever rides with us gets a chance to eat at steak n shake.

  8. theres a meet going on later sat night. we r riding outta the mejier parking lot ofa reynolds on maumee around 7 or 8 (hasnt been decided yet) then a bunch of the toledo guys r meeting at steak n shake right there so hopefully u can make it to that. meeting at steak n shake at 9 if u dont wanna preride.
  9. wow! u really need to chill out dude... i wasnt postwhoring but if thats what u c it as then so be it. i wasnt trying to tell u how to run anything it was just a suggestion... im sorry if it offended u... im glad how me asking 1 simple question has turned into all this... sheesh
  10. seems like a good jacket but leather is always a safer bet!
  11. holly crap thats nutts.... my ass has been hurting lately do u think there might be a tree growing in there?
  12. http://www.hondaeastsuperstore.com/Shop/Control/Product/fp/vpid/4956992/vpcsid/0/SFV/32523 those r the oakleys i was lookin at but i havent tried them.
  13. oh wait... it says for L to XL faces... idk if they'll fit me i think im a medium... well let me know if u still have them 1st and then we'll c i guess
  14. if u didnt put them on ebay yet i might want them but wont have the cash till next pay check
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