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  1. I can do without it. Things pop up and I give them a read. At times it's annoying. I have too many sites plugged in.
  2. I'll take that as, with a little modification this could work. I'll ask you later about adding a bluetooth donut warmer/coffee maker. I'm glad you weren't here for the discussion about turning my bike into an office building. Just general moving of things I want to keep weather and wind off of is the reason for wanting an enclosure. Plus, the rails only come up 8" on the sides. That won't keep things in if they need to be stacked. .
  3. I did some calculations about the weight. You are right. The wood comes to 375 lbs alone. That doesn't count for the hardware or the top. As for wind drag, I thought I could possibly round off the top by using fiberglass. I suppose I'll rethink this. A sloped top didn't come to mind until you mentioned it. Thanks for the idea. .
  4. Okay. I lucked out and found a very lightweight 5x10 trailer, fairly new and hardly used, for $700. It pulls with my 4 cyl. Subaru like it's not even there. Nice. What I want to do is put removable sides and top on it in case I want to haul something I don't want getting wet, spilling out, blowing around, or something I need to keep secure. The deck is 3/4" boards spaced 3/4" apart. Stuff will leak out if I haul mulch or dirt so a plywood deck is going on in their place. A 2x12 around the edges will keep stuff in and a 2x12 on top of that will keep more stuff in. I think stake pockets mounted on the inside of the bottom board will keep the top 2x12 in place. I will put a screw through the stake pocket into the wood to keep it from being lifted off from the outside. The side rail is 8" off the deck. I'll secure the bottom 2 x 12 to the rail with U-bolts. I don't want to drill holes in the rail. Hopefully I can find U-bolts that will line up with the stake pockets mounting holes. If not, no worries. Now for the top. I can haul a ton of weight, but all this wood is starting to add up. I'm thinking of making a lightweight removable top. It can be in sections for easier handling but I would like it weather tight. Actually I would like the option of having a full enclosure, 2/3 enclosure, or 1/3 enclosure, so the top can be in three sections. I need ideas on how to make the top as well as any other advice or ideas. I thought about 2x2 frame work fastened on the top of the 2x12, with wire mesh used to hold the shape of a homemade fiberglass top. Aluminum is way too costly and so are filon panels used on the sides of RV's. It also has to stand up to cold weather and not shatter like some plastics at freezing tempera- tures. The wire mesh would offer a degree of security and the fiberglass would keep the weather out. It would have to hold up to the pressure of the wind while driving down the freeway. I've never worked with fiberglass but I can learn. YouTube is my friend. Also, how tall? What is the height at the top of the windshield on a big sport tourer? That will be my guideline for how high the inside should be in case I want to haul something like that. Give me ideas. I would rather not have to redo my work if I can get good ideas as usual from the idea factory right here. Thanks guys and gals. .
  5. All that sort of makes me glad I have ABS plastic fairings which I am currently in the process of repairing and painting. . Sent from my VK700 using Tapatalk
  6. This thread is worth reading twice. [emoji23] [emoji677] Sent from my VK700 using Tapatalk
  7. Make sure you secure it very well. Trailers are easy to steal. They make all sorts of locks for the coupler and get a hitch lock so no one steals your tow bar, trailer, bike and all when it's hitched up and parked. Put bearing buddies on it and you will be in good shape. I also have mine chained to a tree with the heaviest chain and lock I could find. .
  8. This is a good deal, Tim. Start pricing those 5 X 10's and see what I mean. I'm towing a 5 X 10 with my 4 cyl Subaru, but my trailer is pretty light. Snag the trailer now and figure out how to tow it later. There is always a way even if you have to get someone to tow it for you. .
  9. It's got a radar/laser detector with it, right? I would certainly need one on that bike. I like it's looks.
  10. I recall when a certain fellow named Ben was showing me how cool Tapatalk was to use when I met him for the first time at a motorcycle shop near Lancaster when they were having a pig roast in the cold. It was only then that I began to use it. It helps me to keep current on the latest shenanigans the usual suspects are up to. Haha! . Sent from my VK700 using Tapatalk
  11. Give Casper 10 bucks to be a supporter for a year and then you can edit whenever you like. .
  12. Isn't that how it always goes? Welcome aboard my brother from another mother. Nah, no need for that since we are simply aligning ourselves to take over the world. Just wait until JackFlash62 and 63 show up. Bwahahahaha! But first, we gots to find Jack a bike. Can't take over the world without a bike. .
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