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Tire Swap Thread


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Do you need the set to have decent tread depth or are they just for a roller?


I have a set of used FRS wheels with Firestone tires in that size, but I'm not sure tread depths are. I'm going to have to check tomorrow.


Need a good set , they are going on my daily . Current ones are at about 4/32 so it’s time to get some new ones before winter comes


Looks like a new set will run me about $500 installed


Fwiw I would take a set oh wheels and tires for the right price that would fit a 2014 ct200h which is a 5x100 bolt pattern

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Wheels - 17" x 8" for a Ford Mustang. Good condition. Straight, some marks on wheels. Will clean up but have some marks at the edges from mounts / dismounts. No center covers. $100 for the set.


Tires - 245/40-17 BFG gForce KDW2. Like new. These are SUMMER TIRES. $100 for the set.


Take both wheels and tires for $150.




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Got a set of 4 185/65/15 blizzak ws80 that came off my wife’s car. We thought they were closer to end of life then they really are. 2 tires measure at 9/32 and the other 2 just over 8/32. Pretty sure they have atleast 2-3 seasons left before they hit wear bars. $125 for all.




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