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  1. home. great to meet everyone, had a fun time. thanks @durkfor organizing!
  2. Made it home.... a lot of fun today. thanks @durk @Gpaw@Muckles
  3. Yes, I will be there. 8:45 good?
  4. I can meet in Carrollton, assuming @Gpaw is good with it... what time do you think you will be there?
  5. I would like to join
  6. I will probably hear you fly by... i am at the X
  7. glad you wrote it up @MucklesI had no shot at it.. my directions would take you to a location like in the "Wrong Turn" movies. In fact I thought maybe @Muckles was leading me there for a while... had to keep a close eye on him.
  8. @MucklesHad a great time. A lot of fun roads that I have never been on. thanks
  9. i would like to move up earlier like 10:30 but am good with whatever works
  10. How about in Somerset? BP gas station at 110 N Columbus St, Somerset, OH 43783 @HowabusaAre you in Cardington? If you guys prefer somewhere else, no problem.
  11. I am good with that.... if that does not work out for others, I can meet anywhere
  12. @MucklesI am thinking Tuesday... will that work?. I need to confirm with boss Monday (he was out all last week)
  13. Yep, will do.. keeping eye on weather.. looks like 25 to 30% chance of rain right now for all week. Will try to figure out tomorrow (Friday) what will work next week.
  14. Very cool that you and your daughter are going to do that together. She will always remember it. Have a great time!
  15. lol... that ghost 👻 jalapeno 🌶 Arby's slipped into my food did something to me... i had a lot of fun trying to keep up with you
  16. @durkThanks for posting the ride. I had a lot of fun. good seeing all you guys @Muckles@durk@B-Mac
  17. lol... going next week... i just hope to keep your rear end (motorcycle) in my sites
  18. I would like to join you. I'm pretty sure I am free that day. I am good with either route.
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