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  2. I don't believe so. I'm not able to select a Goldwing on their website. Looks like cruiser stuff. Knowing the PO's M.O., I am guessing Show Chrome or Honda. He farkles with quality stuff.
  3. I’ve grown to like the highway pegs. With the wife on board we typically are just cruising around at 65ish on a 2 lane and corner pretty slow. Those highway pegs make me a little more laid back. I did adjust them up a bit today. Definitely gained some clearance. Hopefully no more touchdowns as long as they’re in the upright position. Even with her on board I typically flip them up for twisties.
  4. Man, that's a machine to do die for. Looks amazing. Are these racks from the Viking Bags?
  5. I considered vinyl for the faux wood, but I'm just going to let it ride. The rotor covers are OEM and don't bother me, plus they hold the LED Ring of Fire.. which I like. It was all the extra chrome that was added to the bike that didn't suit me. With the exception of the passenger kick panels on the panniers and the arm rest mounts, and the luggage rack, the remainder of the chrome is how it left the plant in Marysville.
  6. Could you wrap the wood grain in black? I’ve never wrapped anything but maybe worth a shot. Do those rotor covers come off? Could eliminate some more chrome pretty quick I’d think.
  7. Chromectomy complete. I tried to remove some of the plastic wood trim from the rear storage compartments, but it is glued on like linoleum. Looks like I am learning to live with it, which isn't my favorite activity. Oh, well... it isn't hateful. I will live. It's still the same Goldwing, just less shiny.
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  9. Yea, highway pegs are hard on Wings. They always drag. Only thing I have seen that is for sure safe are Mic O Pegs. Out of business but maybe you can find some used. I took my pegs off. Not putting them back on.
  10. Completed the tire change on the CBR. Once again no wheel weights and she runs smooth up to at least 120. Dunlap for sure has some mold release agent on the tire. I left the drive for my test run, with no lean I grabbed a bit of throttle and immediately torched the rear. I also set out to figure out what is trying to killer me when I lean the wing over hard. I discovered it. Should have been obvious since they are the objects farthest out. Stacked boards clear everything else with ease. @Tonik I know this is not exactly what you were doing at the lumberyard but you gave me an idea. Thanks.
  11. 292 miles, not bad for a 5 hour trip Even had time and energy to change the rear tire this evening
  12. sup tinman.  No clue if you are still one here but wanted to whats up. 

  13. looks like a great trip tonik. congrats.
  14. For Cincy, Montgomery Inn is a favorite....
  15. A good friend of mine's husband own a bomb BBQ joint like 15 mins NE of downtown Cinci. He loves BBQ and frequenting every joint he can to get ideas, inspiration, etc. and I've never really heard him have a negative thing to say until I asked him about that one. Thankfully he steered me away because ever since I've not heard good things.
  16. Not going to make it. We are heading up to Minneapolis to see The Cure and hang for a few days.
  17. I’m leaving Ohio on the 10th. If you’re going to be there on the 9th Jim it’d great to see you. It’s real close to me
  18. And the flux capacitor is signed!!
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  20. https://www.kawasaki.com/en-us/events/1326/good-times-demo-tour-peninsula-oh?cm_re=EVENTSLANDING-_-GOOD TIMES DEMO TOUR - PENINSULA, OH1326-_-MOREDETAILS
  21. Wow nice bike. You made your father happy. Hope he enjoy the ride.
  22. If you find the video she is in you can hear her yelling......"The anus is an exit, not an entrance." So I don't believe she is speaking of God's. Unless she yells "Oh God" during entry.
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