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  2. Location? Got any pix? Might be a good start for a wicked cart
  3. Yes. Is that all that matters? Figured I would try it in one of the quads first. All my bikes are on Dino oil.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Cleaning the garage out and still have the 2006 zx10r taking up space. Free you pick it up. Good reconditioned head, muzzy track exhaust, power commander, boat load of new parts, couple sets of skins, sitting for the last 6 years. Bad found a coil over in the crank case on rebuild. Needs reassembled and cleaned and would be a great bike for a gear head. send me a message if interested. Just want my garage back for a new bike
  6. That’s supposed to say I just skimmed through this mess. That’s supposed to say I just skimmed through this mess. 15 W 40
  7. You got a four seater? Might be able to talk Marc into going if you do.
  8. Well Jake and I will be there on Sunday @TimTheAzn.
  9. I've used it in my kid's dirt bikes.
  10. Although the Connie air filter is a pain, the Wing air filter is worse.
  11. Come ride with us. We go somewhere most every weekend. Going to HMC/Burning Rock/Outlaw Trails this weekend. Rush the next two
  12. Last week
  13. So I just came through this mess and I’m assuming T4 is OK to use? Just picked up my first jug to give it a try
  14. Tim I appreciate you thinking of me. Currently I’m so busy, I barely had time for the Spring ride I organized. I just put the date on the calendar and told my family I was taking that day for myself. My daughter just graduated last weekend. Now the focus is finishing out the school year, and then getting ready for a graduation party for my daughter. Maybe things will slow down and I can shoot for the July dates.
  15. Bump. This is an excellent opportunity to experience a TD with a low student to instructor ratio.
  16. Looks like a cool cloudy day at mid ohio tomorrow, anyone else going? I don't expect any personal bests, but no sunburn or heat stroke either. Who knows how many more seasons it'll be open before it gets turned into a Costco or Ikea or whatever.
  17. I can change the air cleaner on the GS in about 20 minutes. I mean.. I won't, but I could.
  18. Please...change one on a Goldwing and compare. Only try if you have at least 2 days of your time. 🤣🤣🤣
  19. Please...change one on a Connie and compare. Only try if you have at least 2 hours of your time. A clue is, it's in the frame behind the steering neck.
  20. Didn't UP do the beard thing one Gap trip? Rolled in and stood around while we all tried to figure out who the hell he was?
  21. The nurse that did my test so I could get the drugs said almost every person she has tested that was positive had recently traveled. So far, this is just a really really bad cold. I think I might be getting better
  22. Holly Shit. He went from Black Tod to Kenny Rodgers in no time
  23. I'm going to be in Atlanta a few times in the next couple months. I won't be flying, as any air travel with the company has to be approved by someone WAY up, and it won't be for my 1 day training sessions that I'll be attending. Fortunately, it's only about 7 hours for me from where I now reside. However, I have had to get tested after going to these things, as someone in the group has ended up testing positive. Ugh.
  24. Is that better or worse than attempting to jerk off with a Bowtie arm and needing mommy and daddy government to cover your expenses to get the job finished?
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