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  4. Was a good bag for the bike... Don't need it because the RT has enough luggage for a family of 4. Includes all the straps and rain cover $50 or make me an offer or some shit.
  5. Mounted and balanced the new tires. Then took the rear rotor off the stock wheel and mounted it to the new rear wheel from Woodys. Then mounted the 320mm front rotor and mounted the wheels for the first time on the new bike. After that I installed the Safari tank (all new hardware, new petcocks, new fuel line and fittings) and plumbed the fuel lines. Then installed the fairing and re-aimed the headlight and light bar. The last item is the new shock being built for the bike by Cogent Dynamics. For the 82,000 miles on the original Sunny I ran a Cogent Mojave shock. This bike is getting a new Cogent Mojave Pro model (large remote reservoir with adjustable compression damping as well) as well as their hydraulic preload adjuster. It’ll be awesome to be able to soften the preload bit when riding the bike without all the luggage. Once the shock is in, fuel is going in and startup!! It’ll be great to see how it runs. I only rode it 10 miles or so before tearing the bike down. Some minor changes have been made from stock. Better air filter. Carb rejetted and modified with ethanol-proof o-rings and gaskets as well as a remote choke knob and manual air/fuel mixture screw (only needed one tweak on old carb in all those miles. Had to open up the air in Peru when over 16,000 ft). I’m also running a different exhaust can. The bike ripped stock. I’m sure it’ll be sweet. Alaska Ho!
  6. This is a good ratchet to keep in your toolkit: 1/4 in. x 3/8 in. Dual-Drive Extendable Ratchet (harborfreight.com) It's dual drive 1/4 & 3/8, and the handle collapses/expands. I know some people have feelings about Harbor Freight, but their Composite Ratchets have become my go to in the garage.
  7. The 6” adjustable jaw is from Lobster in Japan. The skeleton wrenches and ratchet are from Asahi in Japan (their Lightool series) the weird lockjaw pliers are from Knipex
  8. Those are some SWEET looking wrenches, Dan! I tried zooming, but I can't tell what they are.
  9. The Dakar version is too stiff for hand mounting etc on the DR and kind of overkill Brian. Still a great tire. tool roll almost complete
  10. I love the Mitas E07 Dakar's with extra sidewall layers and they are not bad on the asphalt Dragon.
  11. New tires. New rear wheel (Warp 9 hub broke. They replaced hub and Woodys rebuilt) new tool roll being assembled. Starting to get those feelings when a trip’s reality sets in. Tuktoyaktuk is a long ways away
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  13. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cxz-5DcL703/?igshid=NzgyYTk0Y2YyNg==
  14. Nothing that some expensive jewelry and a dozen roses can't fix.
  15. I did something similar once. Changing fork oil needed to measure the oil. Wife was gone so I grabbed a measuring cup from the kitchen. It was glass, figured no problem I can get it done before she gets home. Nope, she rolled in way sooner than I expected.
  16. Any of you guys considering a big ride up north in the spring let me know. I’ll be heading NE to Newfoundland, then west across Canada on the TCAT (Trans-Canadian Adventure Trail, 70% dirt across the country. Similar to BDR routes but a bit easier until the extreme NW territory ) to Tuk and then Alaska on the new bike and it’d be cool to not be solo the whole way this time. I’m getting older and the breakdown in Hudson Bay kinda made me rethink things a bit. ( I’m sure the feeling will pass once I’m back on the road)Not a sprint.
  17. Dude...I see you changed your name back to Danimal.. I think it suits you better.. 🙂
  18. They have remodeled since then. All new mountains.
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