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  1. I also swung by the scene of the accident today and could see Kevin was very fortunate to not hit any trees. The area or he went down the embankment was one of the very few clear areas in that corner.
  2. Went to see my friend Kevin in the hospital last night. It was something I was dreading. I was afraid I was going to feel terrible that I really messed up this guy’s life. It ended up being a great visit. He definitely has a long road to recovery. Broken femur, both tib/fibs, couple ribs, finger, and shoulder. Leg with femur break has had surgery on both femur and tib/fib repaired. Waiting for swelling to go down on other leg. He received quite a few units of blood and is fortunate to still be here. He mentioned multiple times how much fun he was having and sounded like a little kid talking about how much enjoyed 164,9,646. His plan is to ride again. I hope that comes true. Already has a goal to be able attend a church youth event in February and share his story.
  3. Started the day off at 8AM on the CBR. Home around 1 after 300 miles. Then hopped on the Goldwing with Ame, met up with some friends and headed to Presque Isle. Home at 7 with 140 miles. Good day.
  4. durk

    Ride Saturday 11-5

    Minus the ticket looks like you all had a great day. Would have loved to join but the wife wanted to ride today.
  5. durk

    Ride Saturday 11-5

    Did this happen prior to meet up or was it one of those I don’t have to be fast just faster than the Goldwing deals?
  6. Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. Still sucks, but helps a bit. Below is my most recent update. That is as of last night around 5pm.
  7. I left my house yesterday around 11 AM and headed to Lisbon/Cadiz area for some riding with a friend. My friend lives locally here and had recently acquired a Concours and I thought I’d take him down to show him some of the routes I run. Mind you I took the Goldwing so I wouldn’t get crazy carried away. We made it into Cadiz for our first stop for a break and fuel. That was about mid route for what I had planned. I talked to him a little bit about how he was feeling and things of that nature and he said he was enjoying himself. We left from Cadiz and headed to 646. We made it through Scio and then shortly out of Scio we were making a left hander and a truck came along and I had to adjust my line as I’m guessing he did as well. After I cleared the corner I checked my rearview mirror to see his bike being ghost riding along the guard rail and then hit the asphalt. When I got to him he was down an embankment with two broken legs and in major pain obviously. He was life flighted from the scene. This is the fourth time I’ve had somebody following me wreck. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s best for me to ride solo. I don’t want to see somebody die on a ride with me. If somebody posts a ride I may join in but I for sure will not be heading up any more rides.
  8. Her fear is dragging the center stand as I have done once or twice solo. I have not pushed it anywhere near that pace.
  9. We are enjoying ours. We’re super comfortable and the thing handles superb 2 up even if it’s just an Oldwing. Amy seems to be getting more comfortable with me leaning it over a bit too. She even starts to fall asleep.
  10. The first of hopefully many overnight rides with my wife Amy. Grant it was only 200 miles yesterday, but it’s a start. Photo dump:
  11. Congrats on the new bike
  12. Anybody else’s personality change when they get on two wheels? I swear the CBR does something to me.
  13. durk

    I'm Retired!

    Sounds like your retirement is only going to last for a month
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