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  1. I WANT TO DO A TRACKDAY WITH NESBA NO N/A April 17th April 18th
  2. know anybody that wants a 99 trans am? its for sale... check the profile for newer pics.. 9k obo

  3. Hey girl! The big day is approaching fast!!! Hope it is absolutely wonderful!! Congrats early!

  4. Hey moderators...youcan close this thread. I can see its going nowhere!
  5. Ha ha ha! But seriously, I need to find them a home!!
  6. Wow...you guys can take any topic &completely change it to something about pussy or somebody bein gay.
  7. I know...it's so hard to find homes for cats! i just dont wanna see them go to a shelter! I would take them, but, my Akita & Husky would have them as a snack! Plus, our apartment complex thinks we only have 1 dog!!
  8. My mom has been keeping my 2 cats for several years. She is no longer able to keep them. One is all black with a little white spot on her chest. Her name is Shadow, she's about 16 years old. The other one is 1/2 Siamese & 1/2 domestic. Her name is Angel, she's about 9 or 10 years old. They are both spayed, very lovable, & very well behaved Please let me know if you can provide a good home to them or if you know someone who can! Angel Shadow
  9. Its either a guy who cant handle his bike for shit & you threaten him or a chick who cant ride & shes jealous!!
  10. TwiztedRRGirl


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