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  1. Classic Mustang guys are using things out of everything. They sell controllers for them on Ebay. Certain ones when installed go into some sort of "limp" mode and I guess that works just fine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/143595477708?hash=item216ef51acc%3Ag%3AZ9EAAOSwPyRerukD&LH_ItemCondition=3 https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/anyone-want-a-100-electric-power-steering-here-you-go.670865/#post-4535281 https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/best-200-mod-ever-eps.787114/#post-5947282
  2. How about an electric steering conversion? See people in the classic cars using things out a Toyotas all the time. Might be worth looking into.
  3. Oh there was zero chance I was going to get a manual after driving the A10. Im sure it will have a PD blower in its future at some point. Besides, I still have the 69 for them rowing capabilities. Maybe I should spray it this year....
  4. I loved that car, and is still one of the best daily drivers ever. No complaints. But I was finally able to put myself in a position to upgrade. Shadow Black, 2020 Mustang GT A10. 3.55 gear with the digital dash (401A Group). Its just; awesome is the only way to describe. And the A10 is everything I heard it was. Figured I better take the pic before it got dirty going to work
  5. Whats the budget? Whats the End goal? Heads/Intake/Cam 302 should get you around 105/8 trap speed. By far your cheapest option. Could rebuild it with a 347 stroker kit, get a bit more Can go with a 351 based motor. Stroke it to 408, be a pretty fun NA car. The Coyote swaps can get pretty pricy, especially if you are not doing the wok yourself. Lot of things would have to change for that.
  6. I want to have sex with that Mustang. Dirty, dry, painful, unrelenting sex with it.....
  7. Air brakes. Like the rebel Snowspeeders!!
  8. This I find it hard anything beats a W body in this price range.
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