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Found 11 results

  1. Almost new Continental Motion ST tires. approximately 500 miles or less Front 120/60-17 Rear 160/60-17 $75.00 OBO
  2. Better hurry. Probably won't last long. http://slickdeals.net/f/7598030-dunlop-sportmax-q2-motorcycle-tire-combo-150-f-s-motosport-com?src=pdw&v=1
  3. The Pony is running a pretty good deal ($160 for set of front and rear) on BT-023s, and Im considering picking some up. Has anyone run these? I am wondering how they might compare to Michelin's sport-tourers, and if Michelin would be worth the premium. For reference my street riding involves commuting on straight roads, and 60 miles of slab to get to any twisties.
  4. SOLD SOLD SOLD Up for sale are my Back up wheels I purchased from BMMW earlier this year, I got them to use with my rain tires and realized my bawls aren't big enough for them. so bought, rains mounted, and they have been sitting in my house ever since. no longer needed as I picked up a set of Marvic Mag wheels. 2006-2013 current Yamaha R6 wheels and rotors, NO cush drive, sprocket. exactly as I received them 1.5 year old Pirelli Rains, 2 laps at Putnam on them from last year as I got them from a friend ASKING $375, preferred pick-up, willing to drive a bit to help deliver, shipping little extra, located in Columbus, Ohio first pic is the one BMMW used, second is mine with the tires mounted
  5. Ok, For sale are 3 sets of take offs from this year... first off both sets of Cups were bought this year both have 3-5 track days on them, the power ones were bought last year and were used for the same 3-5 days taken off after Jennings GP this year in march. all three have been stored in my house since purchase till mounted.. on bike in garage then stored again inside till sale. all sets are 120/70zr17 fronts and 180/55zr17 rears. any questions just ask. Pickup only unless you want to pay for shipping then its based on shipping quote. pics to follow first set Power Cup VA front B Compound Rear ASKING $75 Second Set Power Cup VB Front B Compound Rear ASKING $125 Third Set Power One V Front A Compound Rear ASKING $100
  6. We have a handful of race tires left from the last few years that are new and most have never been mounted on a rim. These have been stored in our climate controlled building. Sets of front and rear for $235 shipped in the lower 48 (we have a couple of extra US GP-A front dot tires that we will sell for $105) Call MIKE at 866.931.6644 ext 804 to get a set of these tires shipped to you fast. If you have any questions about availability, please send us an email: FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM is the address and be sure to include the model and year of the motorcycle you have. UK N-Tec Slick front Compound -- Manufacture Date -- Size -- Quantity 6680 ------- 01-2009 ------- 125/80-17 ------- 1 6875 ------- 21-2011 ------- 120/70-17 ------- 1 6875 ------- 11-2011 ------- 120/70-17 ------- 0 SOLD 302 (1 lap) - 32-2012 ------- 120/70-17 ------- 1 UK N-Tec Slick Rear Compound -- Manufacture Date -- Size -- Quantity 7704 ------- 47-2009 ------- 195/65-17 ------- 0 SOLD 6680 ------- 47-2009 ------- 195/65-17 ------- 3 6680 ------- 02-2010 ------- 195/65-17 ------- 1 250 UK Slicks Compound -- Manufacture Date -- Size -- Quantity 6704 ------- 11-2009 ------- 125/80-17 ------- 1 3166 ------- 15-2007 ------- 165/55-17 ------- 1 UK N-Tec 211GP Compound -- Manufacture Date -- Size -- Quantity 6813 ------- 04-2011 ------- 120/70-17 ------- SOLD 6680 ------- 47-2009 ------- 190/55-17 ------- SOLD US GP-A Pro Compound -- Manufacture Date -- Size -- Quantity 8477 ------- 25-2014 ------- 120/70-17 ------- 1 8477 ------- 28-2014 ------- 190/60-17 ------- 0 SOLD US GP-A Compound -- Manufacture Date -- Size -- Quantity 7455 ------- 50-2012 ------- 120/70-17 ------- 2 8477 ------- 26-2012 ------- 190/60-17 ------- 0 SOLD
  7. In stock and available at Riders Discount are the ever popular Michelin Pilot Power tires. $199 for a set of 120/70-180/55 $219 for a set of 120/70-190/55 Free shipping in the lower 48. You really can't pass up a deal like this! Give MIKE a call at 866.931.6644 ext. 804 to place an order. This is not currently listed on the website but if you have any questions, send us a message through the forum or write to us at FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Michelin Pilot Power's are a great value offering excellent grip for both road and track conditions. These tires are more than capable of running a fast track pace as we've had customers running these very Pilot Power tires well into the advanced class. All the tires that we found are relatively new, with some being produced as late as mid-July of this year. To read the four digit date code on a tire, the first two numbers are the week of the year, and the last two numbers are the year of manufacturer. So in this instance, the top tire was made in the 43rd week of 2013, and the bottom was made in the 30th week of 2014. Give us a call to order these today!
  8. Continental Tires starting at 60.99! STYLE SALE Price M.S.R.P Conti-Motion 110/70ZR - 17 Front $69.99 $113.95 Conti-Motion 120/60ZR -17 Front $69.99 $98.95 Conti-Motion 120/70ZR -17 Front $60.99 $88.95 Conti-Motion 130/70R - 18 Front $68.99 $180.95 Conti-Motion 150/70ZR -17 Rear $96.99 $136.95 Conti-Motion 170/60ZR- 17 Rear $82.99 $122.95 Conti-Motion 180/55ZR- 17 Rear $ 92.99 $134.95 Conti-Motion 190/50ZR- 17 Rear $96.99 $140.95 A good year-round tire designed to be long lasting. •Outstanding all-around performance for year-round use with unmatched levels of wet and dry grip •Long lasting due to newly formulated polymer compound and modern force-oriented tread pattern •0 degree steel belt construction on the rear tires for the utmost in stability and comfort Sizes. http://www.ironpony.com/ipd/pi.asp/ImageName/conti-motion.jpg/Brand/Continental/c2/Tires-and-Wheels/c3/Street-Tires/c1/Street-Products/KitKey2/Conti-Motion Web: www.ironpony.com Phone: 877-799-7669 Store: 5436 Westerville Road, Westerville, Ohio
  9. AVON AV79/AV80 3D Ultra Sport Tires 120/70ZR-17 MSRP $154.99 Iron Pony: $64.99 180/55ZR-17 MSRP $184.99 Iron Pony: $96.99 190/50ZR-17 MSRP $184.99 Iron Pony: $99.99 3D siping with interlocking 3 dimensional points improves stability and grip, limits tread flex and allows for quicker tire warm up. Outstanding Handling Large footpring at extreme lean angles Includes Avon Road Hazard Warranty Tubeless.
  10. 120/70/17 front 190/55/17 rear Date codes - 2018 Came on my R1 when I bought it - tires were brand new. Maybe 50 miles on them before I took them off to replace with Q4's for track. Tires have been stored indoors. Retail is around $400 for the pair.
  11. Dunlop Q3 180/55/17 and 120/70/17. Excellent center tread, OK shoulder tread. $75 obo https://photos.app.goo.gl/HvNbVadyR2ABcmg7A
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