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From crate to Racebike... 1199 Build CLIFF NOTES


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So, the thread I started earlier was a long and winding road as we had parts we were waiting for and then Madcat got it all gay and then we had drama because Craig felt like he was excluded. OK, Craig didn't have any issues... Just sounded good.

Also, my pics got all hosed up, etc. So, here goes... CLIFF NOTES and pics. Mods can delete the other one if they chose, but I will update this one as I get it closer and closer... Hoping to target next week!!

So, as some may know, I decided to pick up a 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale. My intention was 100% full racebike from the start. Question was, what to do to the bike and what direction to take?

Enter TJ from Motounion or Ducati Milwaukee. I decided to go with TJ as I was told by every single Ducati Service Area Manager as well as several dealers and Ducati racers that he was the man. I hadn't met TJ but maybe twice and had at that point really liked the fact that he was not only well versed, had been involved with the top Ducati racing guys here in the States, that he has connections that most do not, but also that he is one of the most passionate Ducati owners I've met thus far.

The stories, the passion, the enthusiasm all equal he's the right guy. So, I had the bike shipped to Motounion and let TJ crack the crate open and dive right in. WE NEVER EVEN TURNED THE KEY ON!!!

So, as she was in the crate:


Out of the seasoning bag:


Staring down the camera man wondering why she was still dressed and not prepped for her transformation:


1199 Standard NON ABS 2012...


Cover the eyes of small children - SHE'S NAKED!!


Front end, please let me introduce you to...


Your back end:


Rolling chassis... Get it?


The bike was then a bit on hold as we needed some build parts of course and in the meantime, TJ and the crew at Motounion placed the bike torn down and motor opened up, on display so people could take a look and understand just how amazing the technology is and the little things like micro polishing and DLC coating to components that Ducati does that is not seen on most other brands.

They also used this as a Q&A for customers so they could ask TJ directly and get answers from things they had on their minds to what they saw in the breakdown that maybe could better educate the customer.




Motor on display in full stock form for customers to see:


Heads, valves, rods, pistons - all so someone can see what makes their 1199 tick. Not often do customers get to see the working parts inside the motor to the bike they are buying and get a Master Ducati Tech to explain those parts...

Look at the chain guides - they incorporate galleries to pump oil directly on to the chain... Things like that go unnoticed...



Pistons - notice the DLC coated pin:


Quarters for size. Well, maybe I just made $.50!!


Cut view of the motor. This was left out once the parts started to show and they used the display a little differently. Still allowed a look into the motor...


Rods. What's missing that you usually see?


Crank assembly with rods:


DLC coated shifter forks:


The starter is similar to the size of a KTM MX/Off Road bike's starter. Amazingly small:


The little touches that TJ provides... The OEM tank comes with a plastic disconnect. He didn't like the idea of the tank off and on and plastic so, he added a nicer one of course... And not plastic!


So, had to decide on suspension. The front forks on the 1199 Standard are Marzocchi pressurized forks. Pretty neat, but we needed more for race use. Had two options. Ohlins 30mm kit of the 25mm Gas Cartridges. Although I would have liked to do the gas, I had an overall budget and went with the 30mm stuff.

Had Matt Carr at Ducati Indianapolis do the forks and prep them with the latest stack and setup. We had to do some additional springs as we are not 100% where I will land and having them only helps. We did a TTX rear to replace the Sachs unit on the Standard. The 1199S model comes with Ohlins front and rear, but the internals are not the same in the front forks, but the rear is the TTX unit just with electronically controlled rebound and compression. We ended up saving money vs buying an 1199S.

The Carr family in Indy are obviously well know for their work on Ducatis. Especially Matt and the suspension side of things. I would also recommend Matt for any Ducati performance work. We in the Midwest are blessed with some of the best techs in the country in TJ and Matt. I would highly recommend ANYONE with anything Ducati or racing to check these guys out.

On to the build...

So, we had suspension, had the motor awaiting parts. What parts you ask?

The motor is going to be a Superstock build. In Ducati land, they recommend what they call "Blue Printing". Kind of an old school hot rod terminology, but the idea is to get the motor to spec and at the same time, deliver longevity when ringing it's neck at the track. Street riding, the bike is fine and amazing. Race form, it needs the Blue Printing to avoid terminal results. So, there will be that and it falls into Superstock areas when talking numbers and what he does. To ask him would be best as I handed him the rulebook and he worked on it from there. He surely adds his own special flavors in the mix.

The great thing about TJ and now at this point, I feel I know him as a friend - he is VERY picky, VERY particular and VERY pointed in his tasks. This thing is going to be VERY well done and top shelf results. I am almost embarrassed to say I am getting a quality build more suitable for a professional factory rider than an old, fat, club racer like myself. But, he is that good and is EASILY evident not only by physically seeing the results, but by the way he describes what he is doing and what he wants to do.

So, we got the following items that will be going on the bike in addition to the motor build and the Ohlins.

-Term full race exhaust D2

-Woodcraft Case Cover

-Woodcraft Rearsets

-Woodcraft Clip-ons

-Woodcraft Brake guard

-Ducati Race GPS unit

-Ducati Race seat

-Ducati Folding Levers

-Ducati Quick Turn Cap

-Ducati High Race Screen

-Ducati Race Plastics

Motor back together! Note the way he assembled this thing. The bolts have been torqued and marked, etc...



Swingarm and shock attached:


I will keep updating the posts as we get closer. Paint will get the plastics hopefully this coming week and we can have this prepared for the Putnam track day with Ducati Indianapolis in April.

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Oh finally some updated pics and info. I totally didn't mean to ghey the thread up that bad, just a little. I will keep ghey comments to myself, but bike looks good.

This mean you'll be out early May?

I was jokin with the gheying it up. Your gheyness is always welcome. Wait... That came out wrong...

Yes, I will be shooting for May. I am looking at the April weekend with Ducati Indy to break it in. So, no fast laps, but just to get it where it needs to be for racing. I might be able to pull some serious laps at the end of the day, but it is just a break in and setup time...

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Got the radiator mounted and TJ cleaned up the wiring to make it less like a tangled mess.

Note the beautiful job of safety wiring. I couldn't have done it better and I am VERY particular on my wiring. There isn't going to be a race org that finds something missing in terms of wired. TJ is so thorough that I will probably be seen at tech and just waved to go on by. :D



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Well, it looks faster than I can run it, but looks amazing. Paint done by Stalemate here on the forum - he's out of teh mansfield/Lexington, OH area near Mid-Ohio. You need to get something painted, he's your guy.

Decals were done by Scott at SR Sign Design in PA. He is awesome and has NEVER done a Pani yet. So, he was doing a lot off the cuff and working with me a ton. EASILY obtainable on the phone and email. ALWAYS calls back and responds in a timely manner. This is important to me as I want it done and not have to wait 6 months... http://www.srsigndesign.com/

So, here it is:








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