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ISO: locking wheel chock


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 Looking for a wheel chock similar that the one pictured here. This one is a Trackside brand. I'm trying to set the trailer up here for a second bike for a trip to the dragon this summer. Hoping someone might have one sitting around unused that will be willing to let it go at a reasonable price.






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10 hours ago, ludwb675 said:

Depends on your definition of reasonable. I have a Baxley one i'd sell for $100. It's half price of a new one but there are several alternatives for less. Trackside being one that are $100 new.


That is definitely a quality piece! I won't insult you with my budget, lol.  I was trying to keep it below fifty. I thought there might be someone that upgraded out of a Trackside or cheaper chock to a Baxley or other higher quality unit.

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