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  1. Sorry for your loss. Your family is in our thoughts.
  2. Brought my jet ski home from storage just in time for the snow. Usually launch at Rocky River and ride down to the flats for some grub and drinks.
  3. Depends on your definition of reasonable. I have a Baxley one i'd sell for $100. It's half price of a new one but there are several alternatives for less. Trackside being one that are $100 new.
  4. Picked up my first handgun. Walther PPQ M2. Took a CCW class and really enjoyed the way this one shot. Looked up reviews online of this one and many others. The PPQ always had great reviews and considered one of the best triggers out of the box. This will be a home defense/fun gun, probably will never carry it. I'll get something smaller later if i decide to carry. Now my only issue is i can't find 9mm ammo anywhere local (Westside of Cleveland). Called every place around and all out. Don't really want to pay $15 shipping for a few boxes of $40 ammo.
  5. Bunch of stuff for sale, all LBTS. Can get more pics if requested. Location: North Olmsted (West side of Cleveland) Alpinestars 2 piece suit - Size US 40 EU 50 - $300 Worn for two years totaling 10-12 track days before getting 1 piece. Never down on asphalt, 1 offroad adventure. No rips or tears. I'm 5'9" 145lb and it fit great with the track vest that's listed below. Alpinestar Supertech Boots - Size 45 - $125 Cortech Boots - Size 45 - $50 Alpinestars Track Vest - Size S - $100 Forcefield Pro L2 Back Protector - Size M - $75 Teknic Gloves - Size L - $40 Joe Rocket Kawasaki Jacket - Size M - $125 Pitbull Trailer Restraint - Daytone 675 pin - $200 Pitbull Rear Stand - $50 Baxley Wheel Chock - $150
  6. I'm up to 208 mtb miles this year already. Only had 223 miles total last year.
  7. Where was this at? Don't recognize it.
  8. Bought a new Norco Fluid FS2 this spring. The shock started sticking around 50% travel. Took it back to the lbs and they sent it to SRAM (Rockshox) for repair. 2 weeks later i get it back, they rebuilt the whole thing finding no reasons as to why it should be sticking. No marks or scratches. I take it out to ride the next day and it is still sticking..... It's been a week now since being sent back to them again. It was supposed to be 'expedited' this time but sure doesn't seem like it. I feel like they should have just sent a new shock since it's still sticking and they couldn't find a reason the first time. I've lost a month of prime riding so far. I'll probably get it back just in time for daylight savings when i can't ride after work anymore.
  9. ludwb675

    Check Ya Nuts

    Glad everything went well for you. It's a scary and fast paced scenario. Same thing happened to me. Ever since the Tom Green special where he had testicular cancer, I've checked myself out regularly. I felt the dreaded lump right after my 30th birthday. A week later had surgery and the right one (my favorite one) was gone. 4 ct scans/year for 2 years followed by 2 scans/year for two years with one final one in year 5. I'm 35 now and will be going back to see my Dr in 2 years with just an abdomen/pelvic x-ray. I had the surgery on a Tuesday and was back at work on Friday. If you miss 3 days you need a doctors note and i guess i was too embarrassed at the time to tell anyone. I tried to just stay at my desk the whole time. By monday, it was like nothing ever happened.
  10. 1 Mid-O track day gift certs that expire November 2020 $150 each.
  11. 1 Mid-O track day gift certs that expire November 2019 $125 each. 1 Mid-O track day gift certs that expire November 2020 $150 each.
  12. 1 Mid-O track day gift certs that expire November 2019 $125 each. 3 Mid-O track day gift certs that expire November 2020 $150 each.
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