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08 G8 GT ~ Katherine


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Mod thread for katherine my g8 lol


So far with 2020 being a crap year with me working all the overtime.... I've only had time to do small mods in the interior.


As of now, I've got:

Accent lighting in the console cubby and cup holder.

Added footwell lighting

Rear aux power outlet, this was a Holden option, gets constant power so it's great for the tire pump.

Flashed the atari gauges myself over to the 3 gauges.

Unlocked the VIM and added a back up camera

Can't see it but it's also got bluetooth on the rear aux.

rear muffler delete

And messed around with making a economy tune. Managed 24mpg with DoD disabled, only changed 65mph cruise cells in the tune still performs nicely but kicking on the highway gets decent mileage....city is still like 16mpg.


Mods to come are:

Cam and supporting mods.

Already have a dod kit, going to use a summit ghost cam..

Stainless works headers and exhaust. Bit of a fan boy.

VCM OTR intake.

Coilovers at some point

Poly bushings.

Torsen diff and probably camaro housing with 3.73.


Essentially every basic G8 "build"


But I'm going to be adding every possible Holden option from the VE/WM platform I can. Puddle lights in the door cards and puddle lights in the mirrors are the next things I'm adding. I'd love to add heated/auto dimming side mirrors but can't find replacement glass that auto dims for the Chevy SS..

Other than the cam going in this spring, I'm also planning to strip the wheels and do clear powder coating, since one has a small chip in the clear I want to fix before it get bad.



As for things that need to be fix

I gotta replace/refinish the headlights, I want to do custom ones either dual projectors or some Aussie imports that have sequential signals.

Front bumper is split and I need to fix that. Super easy.

And the driver seat leather is wrecked, going to get all new katskinz leather, would like to get a 2009.5 rear seat bottom that has the cup holder beforehand.bd9bea5ad000ca087b08ea874862e2c4.jpga4689001391f85f72d5e111d926291df.jpg8625b0c52aacd86354d358c5486f57fb.jpg1144f4a475ba54a85904582daff11371.jpg02631f04631282e63c915ce2bcd928a1.jpg3a1d36b7f49ea52374814de057c6a5d8.jpg074c8162f2eadddaf8a6528b71305db4.jpg


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First legit mod done in the wind and snow this morning, got a VCM otr intake installed... The shitty ABS clips they included broke trying to install it so the infill panels are in my trunk until I get nylon ones.

Flashed a new tune that is quite a bit more aggressive than what I was running and so far, it seems to have really picked up in the mid-high rpm.


Also vanity plates because... Well it's funny.ba1509074f9da454b61158f83fe73970.jpg775eac35e79d47903f7e546f28105204.jpg


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Posted (edited)

Woah hey, hi. CR had moved so here's a Big'ole update on the car.


Finally got the Replica SV6 spoiler at the beginning of 2022, made some little 3d printed plugs for the holes from the stock spoiler..



Recently had to replace the radiator after the top tank split in half, while I had it apart I went ahead and refinished the OE headlights, sanded all the original coating off with 5000 grit, buffed them out and then wrapped the lenses with Clear vinyl. and cut out the backing of the lower grille to the left and right to open it up for a later mod.

Scotchgarde on the driver side and Vvivid on the passenger side....Because I accidentally ripped the expensive stuff. 




Oh yeah and April of this year I finally did some go fast mods.

Summit 8715r cam, BTR .660 dual springs, .105 wall pushrods, M365 oil pump, Billet oil gallery barbell, Cloyes timing set, Comp Trunnions, ARP bolts where OE was/could not be reused, Stainless works Long tubes and all new gaskets + internal seals/orings... While I was apart also did new poly engine mounts and the Camaro trans pan




Tried for a few months to tune it myself, but the Gen4 stuff just isn't as easy as the Gen3...So I had to take it to get a real tune and made a cool 406hp on 88 OctaneScreenshot_20220901-132101_2.thumb.png.bd2ff996589ec21efe08bb848442350f.png

This was a clip still on my....not so great tune.



And these have been sitting in a box since July of last year, just haven't had the extra money to install them, plus I haven't been able to get my power coating stuff set up yet.


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