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  1. Anyone else been down there recently? Is it open?
  2. Anyone planning a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway? Khaotic Rebel and I are heading down Thursday to Saturday. I know there have been other posts on this but has anyone been down there recently and has any good suggestions? We want to stay over night and need somewhere to pull the bikes into the room. We'll post some pics when we get back!
  3. No stress, it was fun. I hope I didn't slow you all down too much

  4. We had a blast today! Thanks for heading out with us! I hope we didn't stress you out too much! :)

  5. So whatever happened? Seriously!
  6. I love my SCRPY plate I just renewed my plates for my car and bike and it was over $100. I just paid it... I like my plate I guess you have to think about what you really want Guess you made up your mind though
  7. I'd buy it but I'm not willing to pay that much I have a peanut head...can fit in kid's sunglasses It would totally match my jacket! Drop the price? PM me
  8. I eat the same exact thing everyday. I either have a week of PB&J with a fruit snack or a hotdog bun with grilled chicken (LOL) and a fruit snack. I then have cheeze its for an afternoon snack. I am a creature of habit... and a bit OCD as well.
  9. You can buy my SV I want a GSXR!
  10. Our bikes look too pretty in her garage so we leave them there (Oh and she has more room than I do) Plus we ride together anyway... so all my riding gear is there If I leave my bike in my garage...I run the risk of a 6 yr old knocking it over or trying to ride it!
  11. I didn't know you were a woman? Did I read that wrong? I can read very well.
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