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  1. I might have to stop this fucking around. The spill was my fault and no need to apologize. I'm just being an asshole on the internet and busting chops. What I state is just meaningless drivel.
  2. You can't leave options open to the peanut gallery, it will never come to a consensus. I like the slow down option, I still haven't rode since the last group ride tried to kill me at a gas station. I have replaced all broken parts but have left the scuffs on the crashbars.
  3. It was a solo ride because the OP sucked at making a ride thread. No start time or specific location, it's almost like he wanted to ride alone.
  4. I flew Spirit in December, would have used them again but had to meet a specific schedule so flying Delta in June. Maybe keeping away from the scuzzy masses on Spirit will save me. Delta was twice the price of Spirit and after I booked they offered me an upgrade to first class for $110 more. Upgrade my ass that's all I want to pay.
  5. I was wondering who was hating on me because no one could have been hating on the smiling Doc.
  6. That Porsche is magic. Great, plane Covid. I flew to Florida in December and got me some Covid. I'm flying to Atlanta in June and half expecting the same shit. Thanks for reminding me to dread the upcoming flight.
  7. I am not ready for a Goldwing yet. A least I don't think so. Would have to ride one first. Maybe @NinjaDoc what is the new bikes youtube channel name? Last I saw you were Super Scalpel with a Hayabusa as the final posted video. Is it possible that you've gone nine months without posting a video? Is Cuban Rider as fast as he looks in all of his videos? The guys talking about the XR on the ADV board swear that he is the fastest thing on two wheels. He looks fast as hell in his videos plus he is going fast enough to grind hard parts. I've never gone fast enough to grind anything so I'm guessing that he is actually very fast.
  8. Would need a years notice for such an event. That's how long it would take me to lose enough weight to fit into my leathers. Now would be the time to do it while the bike is a little banged up though.
  9. Paulie gets to post extra bonus great adventure pictures because he has the perfect bike. Takes a real man to get rid of a bike like that or an insane one. I dawned on me sometime Sunday with a clear head that I was having other issues Saturday on the ride. At some point I was really fatigued and uncomfortable, so I just wanted to get away from it by riding home as directly as possible by leaving the group. I know all of the roads down there, where they are at and where they lead to but I made a stupid suggestion on how I thought I could get home faster. You guys rightfully corrected me on my lack of logic but after the fact I realize that I never would have made that mistake without some amount of brain fog. Doc may be right maybe I am getting old and need to ramp up to enduring the heat and long saddle time.
  10. Listen here you little whippersnapper, that's the second time this weekend you've tried to call me an old man, how about we leave that to father time. I did notice you backed off a little bit when the road got a little rough, I was concerned about you when that happened. I don't have to worry about the road being rough riding the far superior XR. You should try one they make great touring bikes.
  11. Joel went above and beyond yesterday. Made the biggest sacrifice of his time than any of the rest of us. Plus he has always amazed me at how fast he is with that little yellow bike.
  12. You had nothing to do with my tipover. You were doing exactly what you should have been doing. I was doing something unexpected on a group ride by pulling over in the middle of a ride and I knew it was breaking protocol. That is why I was looking behind me to make sure that the guys behind noticed my turn signal. It was a dumb move made in exhaustion and being uncomfortable. I like to whoop it up on that section and 83. When I went to the front of the line at that stop and asked if anyone wanted to run Doc was the last person I expected to want to go. I hadn't rode with him since he found all that speed. I laughed the whole time because the moment was so cool knowing where he started and stuck with it. He was right on my ass the couple of miles we ran.
  13. What a fun, exhausting, frustrating day. My typical first ride of the year is a solo run to the bucket and back. Nice and short. I can ride long miles in a day but probably shouldn't do it on the first ride of the season. I froze getting to the meeting spot, even bought a sweatshirt at the dollar general by the meet spot to get warm. What a great turnout and wonderful group of people. The amount of knowledge and experience of the group is rewarding to participate in. Great route with a big group riding together. Seeing the ark of @Ninjadoc riding experience is amazing. The first time I met him I ended up following him as the group seep rider kinda bored since he lacked any real riding experience. My how times have changed! He is now firmly planted in the fast rider category. It must be rewarding for him to work hard at the hobby and feel the accomplishment of being highly skilled at it. I feel badly for the guy that went down especially that far from home. Here's to a speedy recovery. The locals couldn't have been more helpful and kind, even the highway patrolman was human. Lunch, really, lunch is something we're doing now? I became exhausted and uncomfortable by the time we reached Marietta. When when it started to intermittently rain around Barnesville I decided to put my phone in my tankbag to protect it. It wasn't a planned stop and I was in the middle of the group which fucks up the lead guys and confuses the guys behind. I see a gas station and turn my signal on while heading into the parking lot, check my mirrors to see the guys behind me and rode right into a curb along the road before the actual parking lot started. Not sure how fast I was going but I dumped the bike going slowly with some minor damage. More embarrassing than anything plus I expect that the minor damage will be BMW expensive. When 800 crossed 70 I rode the highway the rest of the way home some of it in the hardest rain I've ever been in. @Durk did a great job routing, adjusting to situations and leading with a fast safe pace. When are we doing this again?
  14. What in the fuckity fuck fuck is that damn thing? [(I love it!)(and know what it is)] Last I heard you were done chasing the next bike since you found your haylo bike the king of all bikes - Hayabusa! You really do have a sickness and should probably have a colleague do a mental evaluation because the illness is apparent to the rest of us.
  15. I would have been on this ride but I was already committed to a dual sport ride the same day. What am I doing on a dual sport ride with a street bike I can't tell you.
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