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  1. Would love to make this but my bike has been at Sill's on consignment since June. I only rode twice this year before I put it up for sale. Hopefully I'll have a new bike next year if this one ever sells. Have fun both of the groups!
  2. I have searched high and low for a nice car hauler. Ended up with the conclusion that a good one doesn't exist. You will find great features here and there but no one puts them all together in one unit. A platform that extends from the trailer such as on a stacker that would allow you to secure the vehicle onto the platform then slide the platform into the enclosure un-manned is the closest thought I can come up with for an ideal trailer. Trailers you can drive in rarely give you the ability to open the vehicles door to get out, especially if it's a low ground clearance vehicle. There are trailers that have nice doors on the drivers side that allow a large portion of the side to open but they still don't allow access for a good tie-down solution. I like to use the tires as a tie-down point so that the vehicle still rides on it's own suspension which means that you need access to all four tires with the ability to secure the tie-downs to a floor track. I couldn't find anything enclosed that could give me everything I was looking for. Other must haves, seamless 0.040 siding, V-nose, 15" minimum wheels with brakes on both axles, large RV style side door, all aluminum chassis, stainless hardware, interior lights, winch mount if not an included winch, led lights, spare tire and more that I can't think of writing this. Good luck finding something that you are satisfied with the compromises that need to be made. Post up if you find the holy grail I'm interested too.
  3. I was always told that route was Pauly's. I'm sure that I'm not wrong about that.
  4. Just getting around to seeing this. Sorry to hear about your friend, hope he heals back to the way he was before. I have gone through many iterations about riding with others and completely understand the sentiment about not wanting to do it again. I imagine your calculation for this new self imposed rule will change many times based on new input to the decision and the desire to partake in something you once enjoyed. I have rode many miles with people on this board without incident. I would ride with those same people again should our schedules allow. You are included in the group of people that I would ride with again. All risks can't be avoided and any of the skilled competent riders previous mentioned prior could have a mishap at any time, myself included. If we are in that type of environment you aren't responsible. Riding with new people is very tricky and I haven't come up with a formula to use as a hard fast rule. I have been rewarded and devastated when riding with new people so have minimized those experiences. Some here might remember the incident where my nephew was injured on a ride. I avoided riding with him for years until he had some road experience. He had gone through two bikes with several seasons and was on his third bike in the start of it's second season before I agreed to bring him on a group ride. He crashed on the 10 minute ride we took for me to evaluate what group he should ride with that day before the group ride started and injured himself permanently. I was devastated and didn't ride with groups for a while after that. When I finally did decide to get back into it I would not ride with my familiar group if a new rider would show up unless a few of those guys could vouch for their competency. Competency is all you can ever ask for out of your fellow riders since you aren't responsible for the risks they assume. A few years after my nephew's recovery he convinced me into teaching him how to ride. We took it slow and he over the years has become a very competent rider. Last year he even went off the road following me which was an okay learning experience since he didn't get hurt and the bike was only scratched up with no mechanical damage. That incident must have taught him something since he knew exactly what happened and was able to apply a different mental process to his riding. That must have been the final piece to his riding puzzle because I couldn't lose him out of my sight this year.
  5. I might have to stop this fucking around. The spill was my fault and no need to apologize. I'm just being an asshole on the internet and busting chops. What I state is just meaningless drivel.
  6. You can't leave options open to the peanut gallery, it will never come to a consensus. I like the slow down option, I still haven't rode since the last group ride tried to kill me at a gas station. I have replaced all broken parts but have left the scuffs on the crashbars.
  7. It was a solo ride because the OP sucked at making a ride thread. No start time or specific location, it's almost like he wanted to ride alone.
  8. I flew Spirit in December, would have used them again but had to meet a specific schedule so flying Delta in June. Maybe keeping away from the scuzzy masses on Spirit will save me. Delta was twice the price of Spirit and after I booked they offered me an upgrade to first class for $110 more. Upgrade my ass that's all I want to pay.
  9. I was wondering who was hating on me because no one could have been hating on the smiling Doc.
  10. That Porsche is magic. Great, plane Covid. I flew to Florida in December and got me some Covid. I'm flying to Atlanta in June and half expecting the same shit. Thanks for reminding me to dread the upcoming flight.
  11. I am not ready for a Goldwing yet. A least I don't think so. Would have to ride one first. Maybe @NinjaDoc what is the new bikes youtube channel name? Last I saw you were Super Scalpel with a Hayabusa as the final posted video. Is it possible that you've gone nine months without posting a video? Is Cuban Rider as fast as he looks in all of his videos? The guys talking about the XR on the ADV board swear that he is the fastest thing on two wheels. He looks fast as hell in his videos plus he is going fast enough to grind hard parts. I've never gone fast enough to grind anything so I'm guessing that he is actually very fast.
  12. Would need a years notice for such an event. That's how long it would take me to lose enough weight to fit into my leathers. Now would be the time to do it while the bike is a little banged up though.
  13. Paulie gets to post extra bonus great adventure pictures because he has the perfect bike. Takes a real man to get rid of a bike like that or an insane one. I dawned on me sometime Sunday with a clear head that I was having other issues Saturday on the ride. At some point I was really fatigued and uncomfortable, so I just wanted to get away from it by riding home as directly as possible by leaving the group. I know all of the roads down there, where they are at and where they lead to but I made a stupid suggestion on how I thought I could get home faster. You guys rightfully corrected me on my lack of logic but after the fact I realize that I never would have made that mistake without some amount of brain fog. Doc may be right maybe I am getting old and need to ramp up to enduring the heat and long saddle time.
  14. Listen here you little whippersnapper, that's the second time this weekend you've tried to call me an old man, how about we leave that to father time. I did notice you backed off a little bit when the road got a little rough, I was concerned about you when that happened. I don't have to worry about the road being rough riding the far superior XR. You should try one they make great touring bikes.
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