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  1. Obvious winner is obvious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLOHSbkfELw
  2. I now have the perfect comment to make at a Ducati rider making too much noise.
  3. Couldn't agree more. They sound like the bike is broken from the moment they start up. Mechanical sounding like throwing ball bearings into a transmission.
  4. Thanks for the updates! Were you the one that broke this place last weekend?
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/C74cvGzg_9c/ Not my video obviously but it is my bike in the video. Don't know when the follow-up YouTube video will be put up but I can give this spoiler. BMW M1000XR weighs 497 pounds with a full tank of gas. 191 horsepower and 84 FT LBS with a BT-Moto flash.
  6. That is a man that's been married for a long time and expects it to stay that way. Even if I had tire left today I wouldn't have been able to ride because we have a wedding to go to at 4:00 that's a 55 minute drive away. It's a beautiful morning guys, have fun giggling on your adventures.
  7. And another thing. We used communicators for the ride Friday. It was refreshing to hear the reactions to our Ohio roads. I had no idea there was so much giggling on motorcycle rides!
  8. Look at the Goldwing salesman pointing out facts that the Goldwing tires last ten times longer than the stupid single compound track tire that BMW chose to put on the MXR. 1,500 miles on a tire is criminal especially since 1,000 miles of that were under some form of RPM restrictions. At minimum I'm going to find some sort of dual compound tire when replace the set. Perhaps if I add 300 pounds of Goldwing weight to my bike it would increase the mileage on the tires. Some sort of old man math voodoo that I don't possess yet. I was disappointed to miss the chance to meet an RT today......oh and see Pauly too. If tomorrow's weather is as perfect as today's weather it will be a great day for everyone. Speed safely!
  9. For future reference 440 three four three 56 fifty two
  10. Sorry for flaking out on you guys last night on here. I got on using my phone which I hate doing. Once we made contact at the hotel thanks to Pauly I didn't get bock 9n here until I just got home now. Rode about three hours today and got all the life that rear tire had to give. It was great see you again Doc and meeting your friend Dave. He sure isn't shy and for some reason he kept calling me Jesus, how rude.
  11. I'm a the hotel. Someone have Doc call me, I don't have his number
  12. Ordinarily I would be all over this but I just don't have enough rear tire to make it to New Concord and back home without being on cords. I have an appointment to drop the bike off June 3rd for a new tire and to have some crash protection added along with a Bren tune. The Friday Marietta option is intriguing. I could trailer down for that. It's a three hour drive without a trailer so I would probably tow down the night before. Post up when you figure out where you are staying. "We haven't booked rooms yet" Are you traveling with family or bringing motorcycle friends to check out Ohio roads?
  13. I love the idea of a trip like this but she will NOT ride on the back of my current bike. And I already know the answer for that is GOLDWING!
  14. Everyone is telling me the carbon fiber wheels are giving it the feel of transitional control but I only have the '16 SXR to compare it too. I added a lot of extras to the '16 that surely add up to some weight plus there is a factory difference of 35lbs, there has to be at least a 50lb difference between the two bikes and possibly more. Another factor into the handling differences is the new bike is on sticky sport bike tires when I ran sport touring tires on the '16 XR. I can't find the correct gear to enter corners either which is messing with my head. I expected more power but what I really wanted was to allow some form of wheel spin while leaned over without having to turn off the ABS and Traction Control completely so I could feel some drive out of corners. The '16 SXR didn't drive until the bike was upright, I have that drive now along with the power and weight reduction which wasn't really needed. This is more than I bargained for but in a good way maybe. I'm going to have a long transition into understanding this new speed threshold and handling character. I hope when I get it all figured out and comfortable with what it has to offer the thing doesn't end up putting me in jail.
  15. I have probably watched every RT video on youtube. While I was waiting for this new bike come in and not knowing when it was coming I was determined to be riding by May this year. The dealers didn't have a delivery date so I started looking for what else was interesting. That list was the Ducati V4 Rally or the RT. Sills had a used 2020 that was sold by the time I got a chance to go ride it.
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