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  1. Was that you on 314 today and/or last week at Certified/Sunoco on Rt 23? I've been seeing a Caine not sure if its the same one...

  2. Last time I was there, they had a real nice selection. A lot better than the place that used to be there. Talking to the sales guy was easy. Wasn't pushy, told him I was just there checking things out. May have helped that I knew him from the shop that just moved out of delaware. Was also under the impression that all the prices were negotiable.
  3. Went out last night, rode from my house to delaware, out to marysville, then home again. Just put new brake pads and rotors on, so naturally I had to become very aquainted with the new set up! You bet I will be out next week!
  4. damn, i drank too much before hand and passed out sometime after the 1st lap! i didnt think bubba was back yet?
  5. pending road conditions, I would be down for this!
  6. I will have an eye out for the taxi for ya! Some of those "drivers" need a good punch in the face! Glad to hear you are doing ok. Congrats on the wedding
  7. splatterpark is the only place i have been thus far...just starting to get into paintball. im looking forward to trying out other places to see how they differ.
  8. wish i could go, have to work...was looking at going to splatterpark here in a couple weeks maybe
  9. nothing but problems from the get-go once the merger went into affect. needless to say, left them a long time ago and wont be looking back
  10. it is a great ride, but i have to agree...labor day weekend with the "rodeo" in town....it will probably not be the best time to enjoy that road
  11. hit a couple birds myself, almost hit a box turtle on 555 earlier this year, and had a damn blockhead lab jump out and hit me last year....that was fun:nono:
  12. thanks for the compliment on the yzf. i absolutely loved that bike, bought new off the showroom floor down in charlotte. belongs to a guy in galloway now that is scared of it, but i get to see it every now and then. actually got to ride it last year! :)

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