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  1. I completed the Counter Ambush Concepts class today instructed by Brian and Jason from Valkyrie Defense Group. I know there are a bunch of firearms guys on here and whether you have only completed your CCW class or believe you know everything there is to know about firearms, you will benefit from additional training from these guys. I found some flaws in my shooting techniques, and we also talked about some things I haven't thought about before. Brian and Jason were great! Seriously, I know everyone is busy, but you can make time to take some classes. I have been trying to take a class with them for about a year now, I finally got it done and I am glad I did. I will be back for more in the very near future. The class was about 6 hours, it was hot as hell outside, but it was great. So get off your asses, give Jason and Brian a call and get some training. For all you guys that took the CCW class in Mechanicsburg, that was a joke compared to the training provided by VDG. Actually I wouldn't even consider that training, that was simply paying an additional fee on top of the fee to get your CCW permit. You will learn 110% more in the first 2 hours of the CAC class than you did in the entire Mechanicsburg CCW class.
  2. I got this shotgun on a trade for some stuff I was selling. It's a long barrel, primary for hunting. It comes with 5 different chokes (full, mid, skeet, turkey, tight wad) the chokes are all in a case. The forend and stock were replaced with a Hogue set. They are black and quite gripy. The original wood stock and forend are also included. You can shoot me a text if you want to see pictures. 614-893-0186. The gun is in good shape. If I had to guess I would say less than 50 rounds went through it. I'm asking $325.00 for everything OBO. Thanks. For those that don't know me, I live in Pataskala. Also you must have your CCW, or we go to a shop and you pay for the transfer.
  3. Please use the link below and vote for my little girl. The photo with the most likes get 100 bucks of their next set of glasses. Thanks in advance. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.807171935995224.1073741853.100209296691495&type=1 Here is the pic you need to "like"
  4. Just throw some hot water on it everey morning. Problem solved. Ps. I don't have that problem. It's just you.
  5. I took a few places today in Hebron and Heath. I made level 3 in a week and I am going to be level 4 before the weekend is over. It's quite addicting. Yesterday I took a few places in Waverly and Portsmouth. This driving for work thing really helps out.
  6. I am running a Nemesis Mod with a Paradigm Magma RDA. It runs on a Sony VT4 battery. I am currently using it in dual coil mode at .8 ohms. I usually run the coils anywhere from .3 to .8 ohms. I have used the V2 e-cigs (the ones that look like cigarettes, then I moved to a vision spinner with a Kangertech Protank III then I moved to the Kangertech Aerotank. Now I just use my MOD and RDA. I've been smoke free since November of last year. Favorite juices...... Space Jam - Andromeda ( All time favorite) Pitbull Vapors - Puppy Drool ( 2nd favorite) Rootbeer from Vapor Station (Good all day vape) Atomic fireball from Vapor Station ( I quit cinnamon though as it kills your taste buds) Currently I am ordering everything from Mt. Baker Vapor, they have primium versions and I just got Bloodbath earlier this week. It's really good, I also had Spew, it was also quite good. Most of their stuff is pretty good and much cheaper than the local stores. It's made in the USA.
  7. I have 2 tickets available for tomorrow nights game against Pheonix, The tickets are in section 221. 50 bucks for the pair. These tickets are my half season tickets. I can meet you at the door and take you in. I may be able to print them out too. PM me or call me at 614-893-0186. Thanks, Keith
  8. I got my ego Twist last night. I bought the kit and got the tank, charger and battery. Good thing too, my old tank was a disposable and was going bad. So I am using the new battery and tank. So far it's working great, I can't wait for the Kanger tank to get here. Hopefully tonight.
  9. Yep for sure, I was spending 150 bucks a month on regular cigs. I spent 50 bucks for my original kit and it lasted about a month. Now I just buy juice about every 2 weeks for 10 bucks or so. It has already paid for itself and I have no craving for cigs.
  10. Nice, and answer your ealier question about mico ohms, yeah one of the guys here is doing it. He is using a paper clip to wrap the coils. He is going to show me how to do the coils on the protank 3. Can't wait to get the new gear.
  11. Yeah I will be ordering a spare battery in the future. I want to get it and test it out fir a bit. If it lasts me all day that is all I need. Yeah guy on ebay was selling the longer coils for $10/5 coils. He said the longer coils are much better than the standard coils. We shall see whan I get them.....
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