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  1. Gooood times back in the day. How different life would’ve been if not for this group of motorcycle loving misfits. I miss all the fun we had. And I just read back through the first 10 or so pages. lol damn.
  2. Installed some soft bags I got for Christmas on the WR. Skinny
  3. 2016 is a great road. Was down there this summer.
  4. I work for a major tool manufacturer and got some pretty decent discounts before they sold off our division. I have many packages of unused tools, lots of redundancy and more power tools than I need. I have also bought and been bequeathed lots of specialty tools that barely ever get used but are nice to have when you need them. a pair of those long ass pliers would be nice.
  5. I have the vessel screwdriver and have bought them for hamfisted friends that seem to love to destroy JIS screws with a Phillips. Everyone should own a JIS screwdriver.
  6. Regular people won’t be able to afford it. It’s a $50,000 buy in and $7500 a year
  7. I will be out of town for a weekend bike trip this Saturday as well as the 15th. I will actually be in Bainbridge today if that would work. I had tall Tim send you my number so you could text me and we could take it off of here since I can’t send PMs until I pay 10 bucks Or I can send you the money and you can ship it
  8. Me too. Trying to set something up for next weekend.
  9. Apparently my inbox is full and it won’t let me send any messages
  10. Sorry been away a minute. I have a LS2 for my current off road helmet but will be changing it out soon. I’ll send you a PM
  11. I could do that. So in researching this unit, It appears that it only works on HJC helmets and has an external battery pack? Is that correct?
  12. I’m semi local to you. Near Circleville
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