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  1. Location? Got any pix? Might be a good start for a wicked cart
  2. Yes. Is that all that matters? Figured I would try it in one of the quads first. All my bikes are on Dino oil.
  3. That’s supposed to say I just skimmed through this mess. That’s supposed to say I just skimmed through this mess. 15 W 40
  4. You got a four seater? Might be able to talk Marc into going if you do.
  5. So I just came through this mess and I’m assuming T4 is OK to use? Just picked up my first jug to give it a try
  6. Hell yeah, Let me know if there are any tandem sit on for sale.
  7. Planning to ride sport quads with @blake1221 Saturday if anyone wants to join.
  8. He’s officially worse than Hoblick. lol That bubbys a natural and an artist. The Banana is his medium Sorry I accidentally fat fingered the downvote. It was supposed to be an upvote for the grizzly Adam’s beard, and of course, (constantlychangingmotorcycle)doc
  9. So did you find any valves out of spec? I’m right at 14k.
  10. It’s ridiculous what you have to do to reach the air cleaner on these things. Have you checked the valves yet?
  11. Did you sell out? I could use some .223/5.56
  12. I’ve been eyeballing a couple tandems but people sure are proud of them.
  13. Added a pap and fuel controller.
  14. Shit Bubby, I’m not cool young or hip. i’ll check out MapQuest cause I’m always looking for a good routing app
  15. @marlboro man @Gump We should make that a shack trip weekend and meet up with these boys on the route. It runs all around the shack. In other news, I didn’t know MapQuest was still around
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