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  1. I'll freely admit it was my ad. Didn't realize it got cross posted here until someone on a ride told me earlier today so I figured I'd check in. The ad was taken down because the car sold... however, before it was taken down, I made sure through disseminating it to everyone I knew, that it got to the little urchin in question. She apparently went fucking apeshit, but hey, that's someone else's problem now. The blunt truth is often an ugly thing, and if she found the description to be disrespectful, maybe she should modify her cunt-baggish behavior to something more appropriate.
  2. No thanks. Bike is SPF to another OR member anyway....
  3. Ohio sales only unless you want to come get it or arrange a meeting closer to me.... I bought this used Felt Nine Sport 29er bike recently. I'm not really using it, and frankly, when I do ride a bicycle it's just around town and this thing isn't really an "around town" sort of bike. I'll just keep wearing out my 10 year old piece of crap Giant hybrid. This bike is a 2013 model, 17.5" frame, 29" wheels, hardtail, adjustable Rox Shox front suspension with lockout, hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, 27 speed (3/9), quick release wheels and seat. Beyond that I'm embarrassed to say I know preciously little about this bike. The photos should explain anything else, and, of course, if you are looking at this post you probably are a bicycle aficionado anyway so you may already know the details. This bike was ridden off road and has some scrapes and such consistent with that. Everything is straight and unmolested and the bike rides well. The only thing I would comment on that is "wrong" is that the rear brake squeals / screeches in use. Comes with toe clips (strap style) not shown in pics. $325 OBO or would consider trades for....? Glock 9mm stuff? Bike stuff? I'm near Canton and can come about 50 miles to meet in state buyers or would deliver it within 250 miles for a mileage based fee.
  4. Well, no I didn't send you a PM, I guess. You can't accept new messages, so fuck it. I just spent 20 minutes typing shit for nothing.
  5. Yeah, the car sold on CL a few days after I posted, and I deleted the gallery. The link now takes you to my general Smugmug gallery. Sorry / thanks for the interest. BTD - I sent you a PM.
  6. MeefZah

    FS: Glock 42

    Yeah, sorry for the delay, it is sold. Sold about a day after I posted it. Sold to someone who could read the sale post that requested contact via text, call, or email.
  7. New in box, unfired, with all the case contents included as originally sold new (note, this is not the version with the holster and mag case): Springfield XDS 9 9 mm, 3.3" bbl., blue, 1 8 rd mag, 1 7 rd mag. Looking for a FTF deal in Northeast Ohio, I am near Canton. $375, which is $100 less than MSRP and $25 less than the best sale price I found anywhere. Email me: markmeftah@yahoo.com or Call / text: 419-946-2024
  8. MeefZah

    FS: Glock 42

    Sold pending funds (tomorrow)
  9. MeefZah

    FS: Glock 42

    Selling a Glock 42, 2 mags, Glock clamshell, all papers; as you would get it new. Round count 600 +/-. Selling for $375 as pictured (with Trijicon night sights) or $325 with standard Glock sights. Both options come with 50 rounds FMJ and 18-ish rounds XTP carry ammo. Prefer a FTF in Ohio only, I am near Canton but don't mind driving a little. Please email me only as notifications from the forum are not reliable: markmeftah@yahoo.com You can also text or call me: 419-946-2024 No trades - except maybe a 9mm J frame. Thanks!
  10. Yep. Sure thing. Since you mentioned "contracts", I do think there is a social contract at play here. Any person of sound mind and who is physically capable, and who meets criteria to lawfully carry a concealed handgun; owes it to themselves, their family, and society to be armed and to act in a situation compelling that they do so.
  11. Bubba, I'm not on here much, but since you sent me a specific question re: this, I felt I should pop in and offer my thoughts. I had composed a fairly long post, but after re-reading it I opted to not post it. It didn't directly address your post / questions. I trimmed it down substantially: I suppose you have to assess what is important to you and how far you are willing to go to protect what is important. Even if you opt to not carry a gun, you need to have a plan in place for a critical event that might require you to surrender your wallet, run, fight, hide, usher others to safety, observe and recall details, etc. For some people, lawfully carrying a gun is a component of that plan, but under no circmstances is it the only plan. Note that 'critical event' in my mind includes civil emergencies like a fire, crash, etc., not only criminal acts. In addition to a plan, you need a goal that the plan is helping you move toward. The goal in a situation such as this should always be survival of yourself and your loved ones at any cost. So the plan; to that end, you should always be aware of your surroundings, be scoping out people who look unsavory or who are alpha dogging you, who are walking right at you, who are brandishing a weapon, talking boorishly, acting disorderly, obviously drunk or drugged, etc. You should have a basic plan in place for most contingencies anyway, but you can start to tailor it to situationally specific events as they begin to unfold and as you take note of a threat. If the threat doesn't materialize, great. If it does, you should already have a good grasp on what you are going to do and be well on your way to implementation. In this situation, with the caveat that of course every situation and every person are going to be different, as this particular scenario was presented through media accounts, what would your 'plan' have been? My plan would be to act totally compliant and subservient, begin to surrender the merchandise, and at a moment of distraction, shoot the kid with the gun at least 3-4 times chest moving to head; then assess the other two and immediately shoot them in order of proximity to me 3-4 times each chest moving to head if they make no attempt to flee or don't immediately raise their arms and display their unarmed intent to surrender. If they flee, I'd get as good a description as I could for police. If they surrender, I'd prone them out at gunpoint and issue them clear orders to lie on the pavement with hands outstretched and secure the obvious gun from the downed criminal but would make no attempt to close in on them or search them or secure them. We'd then wait for police. Could you / I surrender the shoes and go buy a new pair? Sure, assuming we don't get shot for sport anyway. Could you / I turn tail and run? Sure, assuming we don't get a bullet in the back or get run down by someone 1/3 our age and beaten severely, or get hit by a car, or have a heart attack. Could you / I do one of 100 other things, each with a presumably different and unknown reaction? Absolutely, but I would prefer to take the offensive and stop the problem in what I see as the most efficient, safest manner possible; which would involve deploying my gun ("suprise, motherfucker!") and defending myself. You also ask about the ethical implications of killing someone over a pair of shoes. In theory this guy could have pulled a gun and demanded one 41 cent (or whatever a stamp is now) stamp. Would it be 'right' to kill him over 41 cents? Maybe the better question is would it be 'right' for you to be killed over 41 cents? Even having posed that quetion, I would say that ethical considerations like that have no place in an action plan. That's a small part of the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that you are being threatened with death if you fail to comply with this person's demands. The underlying issue of value of sneakers, stamps, etc., is immaterial. In every situation like this, you are responding to the aggressive actions of someone else; they put both themselves and you in the situation, ergo, they should be prepared to reap the ramifications of that situation, including death if that ends up being the unfortunate outcome. In regards to your second post, about "difficulty in assessing a situation in a split second", and referencing the police shootings in MO, CLE, etc., I would say this: none of those officers made a poor decision, none failed the "split second" test. I believe most people, when put in that situation, and with some training, self confidence, and an action plan; would do the same thing in the same time allotted. Those officers are getting the media and race crucifixtion but they also have the advantage of still being here to suffer through it. And that - as noted above - is the ultimate goal. Wilson lost his job, ultimately (his choice, but a wise one) but he is alive. The Cleveland officer will be in the hotseat for a while and probably get sued and have Holder up his ass for a while, but he is alive.
  12. I am, regrettably, selling my much loved 2010 Honda Civic LX coupe. We have a 7 month old, and the two doors instead of four make it awkward to install the car seat and take him in and out. Clean (non salvage) Ohio title; although note that I have a loan on the car and the title transfer could not be immediate to the new owner because of that. Title would be delivered in 2 weeks from my credit union. We could make arrangements to have you present at payoff so that the title can be mailed directly to you or your lending institution, if you desire. Related: I will not accept trades for a goat, I will not accept payments, and I am not interested in monies coming from Nigeria or in penis enlargement ads. Okay, now that the fine print is out of the way, here's the car: 1.8 L VTEC 4 cyl 5 speed automatic transmission 38,000 miles New Cooper CS4 tires New battery Power windows Power locks Remote entry (w/ 2 remotes) ABS Air Int wipers Power mirrors 160W AM-FM-CD-MP3-WMA-audio jack stereo Cruise control Multi adjustable driver's seat, driver's and passenger's seats have firm bolsters Console organizer Rear defrost Fold down rear seats 4 cupholders, 12 V power port, map pockets, map lights, storage cubbies Balance of 7 yr / 100,000 mile warranty Hidden Hitch class I hitch and trailer wiring (concealed in trunk) Professionally installed Llumar 20% window tint (with warranty) Honda accessory 'Weathertech' rubber floormats front and rear with 'Civic' logo Includes all maintenance records, manual, 3 factory keys, spare tire and tire tools I'm a very neat person and have kept this car clean, with regular washing and vacuuming. I'm a non smoker. There are no stains, unusual odors, or holes / damage to the interior. The exterior is very nice, though there are the following things to point out: 2 small stone chips to the windshield (not even cracks), and small stone chips to the paint on the leading edge of the hood (what I would consider "normal" wear). Also, the TPMS system malfunction light is on as one (or more) of the sensors have a dead battery. The car has never been in a crash and has no crash damage. No rust, including no rust to the rockers. It was a Honda Lease turn in and I bought it as a certified pre owned with 16,000 miles on it in January 2013. It has always been garaged since that time and I have done all the maintenance on it myself as per the specified intervals. It is a great car, highly reliable, and I am certain it will continue to run well for years and hundreds of thousands of miles - it is, after all, a Honda. I am asking $12,200, which is right around KBB and NADA on the car; however, this car is very nice and has much lower miles than the average; plus it has some accessories (tint, hitch, floor mats), and it has had the only two things that will probably ever go wrong with it already replaced - brand new high quality tires (I got 60,000 miles out of my last set of CS4s on a 2007 Honda Civic) and a brand new Auto Zone / Johnson Controls Gold battery. I will consider reasonable offers. I would also be receptive to driving the car pretty much anywhere in the continental US for the cost of gas and a plane ticket home (and a ride to the airport, please). Thanks! -Mark 15 photos in hi-res are at this link: http://meefzah.smugmug.com/Other/2010-Honda-CIvic-for-sale/46311655_ZQV62g#!i=3757916154&k=zD37Sst
  13. I am. I'm rarely on this site though. Unlike Brian, I spend my online time at ADV rider. I'm always interested in dual sport rides though most seem to be on weekends and I typically work weekends, so I tend to do my own thing on weekdays.
  14. Depends on your company, I would expect.
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