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  1. Cleaning out my closet! 2015 KelTec KSG 12ga Pump Shotgun with extra's 2006 Glock, Model 38 45cal GAP with ammo and CTC red Lazer and Extra's Very lite training use. Both firearms and all extras. $800.00 cash see attached photo's
  2. On Wed. Spyder Wife and I enjoyed a overnight at Hawks Nest Lodge, WVa. Returned Thur. The Trip started with two $15.00 parking meter tickets at Union Street Diner "Breakfast Run". We went inside and were removing our gear at the table and I see the parking dude outside doing his thing and I run out to inquire. I inform him that we just arrived and I need to get change. He stated that I could have used a card. WTF? I then told him what I thought of him as a human ginger. My wife called Athens when we arrived home to load up or packs and depart to WVa. and they told her the tickets stand and that I had verbally accosted the young man. Life go's on.
  3. B-Mac

    Ride Saturday 11-5

    Sorry, Just got Home. I arrived at 0935hrs. Topped off fuel standing by ready to launch 0945hrs "Lombardi Time" waited till 1015hrs. Dashed to Port37 & 555 ran the 555 down to Triple Nickel Diner, Had great B-Fast "Great BACON" ran 555 north to 78 west bound to New Straitsville and Home. NOW I see it's 11AM Meet.
  4. B-Mac

    Ride Saturday 11-5

    You are right. Sat. Night is fall rearwards.
  5. B-Mac

    Ride Saturday 11-5

    Is the fall back time change tonight midnight? I have to adjust my AM bowel movement before I ride.
  6. B-Mac

    Ride Saturday 11-5

    Inn, Mc-Con-ville, Don't wait. Man, It's been awhile 2018
  7. B-Mac

    Ride Saturday 11-5

    I just saw this. Is this a open thing? Can a old guy join in on this Epic Encounter? I can make the McConnellsville meet-up. I will behave and not cause any trouble. I will bring a broom to sweep if needed.
  8. I will most likely have it done by a shop next 100k.
  9. Finished My 100K service on my Honda Ridgeline Bike Transport vehicle. T & Serp belt & Tensioners, W.Pump,plugs,all fluids. I have done two prior on my 2006 But......... This time it, "Kicked my ass" on the gravel driveway with stands. Up-Down, on my back, on my knees, on step ladder bent over inn the engine compartment over and over again. I am getting to old for this shit. But it's nice to save the money for motorcycle fun and being retired I should just STFU and get shit done and be happy,
  10. I found a universal wind screen in my stash and mounted it to the Monkey. Heated grips and wind screen for the winter.
  11. Same here. when it's near 70deg's I'm riding. Tuesday we rode 278 out of Nellsonville to 56 S. jumped on 356 to Mineral and then rode 261 all the way south to Reedsville at the river. Don't ride 261 often but it's been repaved in some areas and repaired in other spots. Great country road to ride south on. We then headed north on 124 along the river to Little Hocking and 555, 676, 376 McConnelsville "Lunch" and 669 back home. Great weather and the Fall colors are great in spots. We took a break at the Bellville Locks & Dam off 124. Clean rest rooms and park area. Moto-Mac https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBAaDfZkbxULiV3c5MohnA/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid
  12. Great day for riding. Colors are in and traffic was low today
  13. Spyder Wife and I road over to Marv's Place in Sardis for lunch. Logged 6hrs of move time with 45min off time. 255,26,260,537,565,145,564 all in good shape. 537 is closed mid btw 26&260. 52deg's starting out from Hocking Hills at 10am. also hit some very lite rain. Great Day.
  14. For Sale: 2021 Honda 125cc, 4 speed Monkey ABS. Reason, She is not riding it and I need space in garage. Location: Ohio 43138 Mileage- 951 Price-$4200.00 Purchased New March 2021 $5009.00 for wife’s birthday and outfitted with over $1500.00 following upgrades/accessories. 1. Forged Aluminum Shift Lever 2. YSS Rear shocks 3. Heated Grips 4. Front Cargo Rack 5. DID HD O-ring Chain, 15 Tooth Front & 36 Tooth Rear Steel Sprockets 6. T-Rex: Crash Bars, Center Stand, Skid Plate, Rear Cargo Rack 7. Bark Buster Hand Guards and Mirror Extenders 8. Battery Charger 9. Honda Monkey Service Manual 10. Extra Oil Service Gasket’s 11. All Stock Parts and Hardware
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