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  1. Well are ya' going or not?
  2. http://springswap.com/ Fairgrounds
  3. Anyone planning to go? Coming into town and forcing my kids to wander around and look at old car parts on Saturday.
  4. Do I need to add one for www.www.columbusracing.com.com.com too to make sure I cover all of the boomer bases?
  5. I just added a www redirect for all of you old fucking boomers who still type "www"
  6. Killed the Slack since most folks ended up on Discord, head on over there http://discord.gg/v2RvXA9GCx :gtfo:
  7. Money. Hosting and backups cost ~$75/mo. Also, security. We're on an old ass (and vulnerable) version of Apache and PHP and Ubuntu operating system that's 12 years old. And time. I don't want to put the time to building up a more secure place to host such old shit, nor do I want to put the time in to fixing all of the stuff that breaks when performing an upgrade so it can run on newer shit, for a site that gets dozens of users a month. I'm open to discussing handing things off to someone, if someone wants to put the money and time into bringing things up to current spec.
  8. Not at this time, but very much appreciated.
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