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  1. Cheapest quote has been $2,050. Post Covid price bumps, yay.
  2. Messaged Please inquire if you don’t mind. It’s in Washington state lol.
  3. Long shot but I found a car in a far away land that’s too nice to open trailer in the salty winter conditions. Anyone know of a place that rents enclosed trailers or has one to rent? Hell maybe even has one for sale?
  4. Hopefully you keep those of us who do track days posted on your schedule… I’m doing mid Ohio in June with Ohio valley pca and Putnam in September with 10/10ths. Love it.
  5. Oh man how exciting for you!
  6. There is a Facebook group where you can ask for the excel file for your year and model. Forescan & ford sync users
  7. Personally want Michigan to win it all, sure against Cincinnati, let’s make it close by 3 so everyone wins.
  8. Playoffs or beat Michigan, gotta do one or the other or it’s a failure of a season. I’m with Panduh.
  9. This generally sounds like a terrible idea. You have a nice desirable car, With the right recipe. Rwd manual with a characterful motor, with low miles in presumably great condition. The grass isn’t greener on the shitbox “swap” side of the fence. You’ll regret it and be out time and money you could have been enjoying actually driving your modern classic.
  10. Hoping Georgia beats Alabama, we win out and Cincinatti squeaks in. Alabama 5.
  11. Play calling for up the middle runs is out of control terrible. They are not better than us. We are incompetent tonight IMO.
  12. All I’m going to say is fuck these refs.
  13. I agree, and the two door looks so right. If you want me sales guys info just let me know he’s great. No hassle no bs.
  14. I placed a reservation back in July when Ford had the reservation site up. $100 reserved our spot in line, allowing you to place the order whenever you wanted. I then emailed my guy at Germain on sawmill and had him place the order for us. You can also do it online and select your dealer but we chose to do it the old fashioned way. We also chose to wait until 2022 colors and options were announced (just a couple weeks ago) because of the Sasquatch manual rumor on base, also wanted to see the color changes. We got our order in the first day the 22 banks opened and were pleased to find the new options we were hoping for but Ford also unlocked all colors on the bar model. Previously they limited color options on the base. As for price, it’s msrp.
  15. We have an order in for a cactus gray base 2 door Sasquatch 7 speed manual with steel bumper and aux switches. I’m not expecting it for a year.
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