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My 2013 national cylinder heads sponsored GSXR600 build


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Starting a thread to show progress and all the work that goes into Building a AMA Pro race bike. AMA requires the bike to be in perfect condition so its time for a face lift.

The bike:

2009 GSXR 600(build in 2010 because there were no 2010 GSXR'S in the USA)

Formally a Celtic racing race bike ridden by PJ Jacobson

Has allot of goodies already on it,but plan on replacing them with better stuff

-New Jordan Supersport motor

-Empro ECU

-Ohlins rear shock

-K-tek front 25mm kit

-qiuck shifter by dynojet

Thanks to my sponsors it will have all Woodcraft hard parts

2 freshly painted sets of bodywork

2013 sponsors

National Cylinder heads,woodcraft CFM,Spartan Leathers,Lithum motorsports,614 Paintworkz,Schweitzer Construction,Dunlop and hoping for more!

Now the pics

DAY 1 the way the bike was purchased.



The B bike as purchased


What I have planned as in paint


And of coarse It will have this ALL OVER her!


Being taken Fully apart and replacing all worn or used parts besides chassis. Sending all the suspension to Lithuim for refresh and rebuild.

will update thread as soon as I have all the new parts in stock and ready for install

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Awesome man! I was wondering when we would get some word on how things were looking for 2013!

I'd assume with an engine from Jordan, you won't have the power issues or lack there of, like last year? Glad to hear that things were able to be worked out and looks like you're carrying more sponsors than last season?

Looking forwad to updates on this thread as my AFJ account is blocked my work for some reason, and I can only access OR during the day.

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This is a brand new Jordan supersport motor. If its down on power i will freek out!!! I picked up some good sponsorship and its looking great for 2013 season. Build should take about a month so I will update as I get stuff done. Also will be rocking all new gear this season so maybe i wont blend in so much!

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Brandon - I was reading on AFJ that you're looking at 1 WERA round (presumably to get things sorted out) and then 3 AMA rounds.

Is that all due to budget, scheduling, or something else?

If you don't do more than 4 race weekends, the AFJ crowd might start making fun of you for posting more than riding ;-)

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If I had money like you two I'd wipe my ass with $20s.


Right dude, right. Shit, with us looking to build or buy in the next few months along with our current home, shit is going to be tight, much like Cox's ass was before I got done with it. :cry:

But for real, if what we want to do happens, not sure how this season will go down. Already have some commitments to track days and races, but that's just because I gotta get competitive with the faster guys.

You're the baller, not to mention you ain't gotta drive 3+ hours to every track! I have Cbus maybe we should just move closer to all the tracks LOL.

When can we spoon?

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Sweet buy, should be way ahead of last years bike on power. I couldn't believe my ears when Grape said how many ponies you'd lost AFTER the tune at MidO :eek:

Good luck this year, and hopefully the YoshZuki paintscheme will provide even more juice to put you closer to the front :D

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My goal this year is to try to top my best finish of last year. If i could at least qualify 15th again and maybe finish 15th I will call it a major success. If i do any better than that its a HUGE bonus for me!

I had 105hp last year. The avg bike had 115+HP. Anything over 110hp will help massively!

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$4,000 per round is actually less than I would have guessed, at least if you want any chance at being competitive.

I'm sure you can show up and pay your entry fees for less, but the additional tires, additional money spent on having a competitive motor build, etc. definitely adds up very quickly.

Wish I had money just sitting in a closet to cover a 5th round for you. Good luck this season.

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Not ugly at all imo, just incomplete. I was told the front of my bike is ugly as hell and why would I ride such a nasty lookin' bike......I just walk them around to the tail and ask 'em how THAT looks since thats all they're gonna see :lol:

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