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  1. Nice looking set--looks like SS? I think I'm gonna go with the Wunderlich bars, as they allow retention of the engine spoilers and are about as easy an install as you can ask for when it comes to motorcycle farkeling. I think a set in red is what the doctor ordered. https://www.wunderlichamerica.com/BMW_R1200_GS_R1200_R_R1200_RS_Sport_Engine_Bars
  2. Hoping Lyshawnda doesn't come looking for me....😬
  3. Thx for the info. I never used the quick shift much--too many years of habit pulling in the clutch lever. Plus, I'm always a bit leery of technology that gets "pushed down" from the race environment to the street. Race teams think nothing of rebuilding trannys and gear dogs and final drives several times a season, but I sure as hell don't want to do that to my street ride every 15-20K miles. The times I did play around with it, I didn't think it was particularly glitchy, but the ratio spread from 1>2 and 2>3 were a bit large and made for an abrupt gear change. The rest of the shifts from 3-4-5-6 were fine and pretty smooth transitions. Makes me wonder if they changed the lower gear ratios to minimize the hit, or possibly lengthened the spark cut-off during the transition to allow the engine to match revs before relighting.
  4. Hmmm. Not what the missus said. Of course, I deserved that comment because I asked her what she thought. She can be brutally honest, but at least I always know where I stand. 🤣 I pulled the trigger on an '18 Premium Edition RS for sale in St Louis at Gateway BMW. More cubic zirconium than I was looking to spend but a clean low mileage bike that they're gonna put new tires on and perform the 6K mile service before it goes out the door. Have to tap a bud to do a drive-n-ride with me to get it home, but cheaper than having it shipped. I should be good for a 10-hour RT in the truck pretty soon. https://www.gatewaybmw.com/default.asp?page=xPreOwnedInventoryDetail&id=12540182&p=2&s=Year&d=D&fr=xPreOwnedInventory
  5. Pauly, just to show you how stupid I am, I'm already searching for another RS. Got a link to the bars you purchased? BMW part or aftermarket?
  6. Out of curiosity, is your year subject to the newest recall for the rear drive?
  7. I can see those guards are necessary if you're gonna use the GS for anything more than a Starbucks run. I proved just how vulnerable the jugs are when I crashed my RS three weeks ago.
  8. Any idea what the "real" weight is on this beast with all the extra guards, bags, rack mounts?
  9. Bubba

    Mother passed

    My heartfelt condolences to you and a prayer that you and family will find comfort knowing your mother is at peace. I lost Dad in 2016 and like you, he was the last of the previous generations. The world suddenly becomes a more lonely place. I hope you find solace in the great memories you must have from her years of loving you.
  10. I've never ridden a GW but heard many glowing reports, especially of the new front end geometry. Guessing with that big smooth six, you just leave it in 3rd or 4th and surf the nearly infinite well of torque from corner to corner. Looks like plenty of clearance (for a big tourer) but don't let the hard parts touch down!
  11. Where are all the squid boyz? You smoke 'em on 129?
  12. I've ridden that area once a few years ago, after the Labor Day slow down. Still a big tourist draw with slow lines of cars and motorhomes on Alt74 in the Lake Lure/Bat Cave area. Just a heads up. No idea what you'll find. Obviously, 80 is hoot, 197 between Barnardsville and Burnsville is nice but there's about a 3-4 mile section of well graded gravel on the west side of the climb. Not sure you want to do that on the luxo-barge two-up. Roan Mtn 261/143 from Bakersville is a great road.
  13. Safe travels, Jim! Sure hope that thing is equipped with AC!!!
  14. Betting that since the onset of COVID--and the unraveling of basic societal behavior norms--it's far higher, prolly approaching 30-40%. Worse yet in the west and SW and FL. Personal accountability has been thrown out the window as a result of the progressive policies being pushed across the nation.
  15. She was cited so clearly at fault. However, it appears she has no license or insurance and 99.9% certain she has 0 assets (area pf Section 8 housing apts) to confiscate. Believe I'd be unlikely to get my $25 filing fee back.
  16. Believe me, I fully understand the sentiments you're all voicing but I doubt that without insurance and zero monetary assets (Section 8 apartment dweller) any lawyer is gonna step up on a contingency basis. Yup...sux balls. No...not fair. As with most systems of rules and law, it tends to penalize the righteous rule follower and reward those who exist outside of the norm. As a follow-up to the advice to find a lawyer, I had to laugh as no more than 12 hours post-crash while I was still lying in the trauma unit, my phone lit up with a dozen or more texts from the local ambulance chasers offering "to get me ALL THE MONEY I DESERVE" for my accident. I might entertain the thought of talking to a motorcycle-specific attorney if anyone has a personal reco. Thx!
  17. Thx Jim, but I doubt even the State of Ohio can get blood from a stone. Someone who drives without insurance will likely simply drive without a license if they suspend. I will look into it but seriously doubt there's anything to recover from her.
  18. Thx Pauly! Not much to be done 'cept for figuring out what to do with the Beemer. A bud picked it up from the tow lot to save storage fees and it's sitting around the corner of the house. Haven't been outside to peek at what's left under the tarp but pics my bud took don't look promising. Don't think even Racer's Edge is gonna be interested in this pile of junk. 😔
  19. ....I officially became a statistic Tuesday night. Heading home from visiting a friend's house on my "new-to-me" BMW R1200RS, a mouth-breather pulled out in front of me. I had the first street-related crash in my street history. Headed west on a 4-lane suburban road in the curb lane, crested a small rise and saw a parked car in my lane. Moved to the center lane and as I passed the parked car, I caught a flash of back-up lights from a driveway on the right. Moved to left wheel track and suddenly realized that Lashondra was backing out into the street at what I can only describe as warp speed, prolly 15-20 MPH--no clue what she was thinking. Must have thought the 'R' stood for race!!! I did an emergency swerve but she never even slowed down or looked, backing across 2 lanes of traffic and caught me right behind the engine. Bike kicked sideways and I did my best Superman impression, just as if the bike had high-sided me. Both me and the bike ended up in the oncoming lane. Luckily, I didn't get run over by opposing traffic but the bike is a total loss and I spent 1 day in the trauma unit of UC Hospital. 6 busted ribs and a shattered collarbone and lots of soft tissue trauma, mostly right lung and liver. Did dodge the bullet of having a chest tube inserted but in so much pain today that the Oxy doesn't even help much. Home now but moving like an old, mostly dead guy. To top it off, she is uninsured (of course) and I don't carry collision on my toys so I'm likely gonna eat an $8000 loss which will prolly be inconsequential compared to the medical. The thing I'm most pissed at is that, even though I'd only spent a little less than a year with Beemer, I was beginning to believe that after 55 years of searching for THE ONE BIKE THAT DOES IT ALL WELL, I thought this might be the Holy Grail. Be off the streets for at least a month to 6 weeks, maybe longer depending on how much time it takes for the soft tissue injuries to resolve. The other good thing is that I could be the poster boy for ATGATT, as other than the torso injuries, I don't have another scratch or bruise on me. Legs, knees, arms, hands, head are 100% unscathed, which is truly amazing given how hard the hit was. I'll need a new helmet (was due for one anyway!) the pants and jacket are a bit ratty but overall, a good outcome. Stay safe, keep the shiny side up, and be mindful of the idiots.
  20. Try posting your request on the AFJ FB forum. I know there are several Junkies heading there to race and they have at least one garage.
  21. I'm totally in agreement with your disillusionment. Never understood what the big deal was entering your brand new Vette or Ferrari or high-end Eurobox in a show, merely proving your wallet is bigger than most folks. A vehicle that is the result of putting in sweat equity and thoughtful design is what should be shown. I'd certainly be proud if I owned a premium sports car but the enjoyment would come from driving it, not parading it in front of others.
  22. Bubba

    Gap Trip?

    Hey! There's Mr Happy chiming in....bluebird of happiness still sitting on your shoulder, I see. 🤣
  23. Just a heads up. https://jalopnik.com/motorcycle-parts-seller-bikebandit-has-stolen-646-000-1848823954?fbclid=IwAR3MdkSEHJrOzzvu_bwdcXyDCdug-Au3PSObZ90hmcB55TE9Y5P790W-ldo
  24. I haven't been on it in years either, but from the article, it says they did some grade improvement with a fresh topping of crushed gravel. Prolly be pretty good for just about anything until they get a gully-washer in the area and the stream bed crossings get washed out. It's a pretty ride and worth a visit.
  25. Sounds like you'll be on road rockets, but I'm posting this info for other riders who are headed to the mountains of TN/NC for adventure. Parson's Branch is now reopen!!! https://www.yahoo.com/news/primitive-desolate-road-1800s-reopens-202343462.html
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