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  1. Great ride today, thanks everyone that showed up!
  2. I am going to miss rolling in, tapping the horn and the wife hitting the button in the house for the garage. I got android auto on the bike, I could text here as I get close I suppose.
  3. Floor is ordered, should be here next week. I waited too long to do that.
  4. You hate getting free sheds and electrical work?
  5. Interesting, the shed people have not cashed our check, nor has the electrician.
  6. It does for me, but don't change a plan for just for me.
  7. The wife and I are opting for Niagra Falls this weekend, so we are out.
  8. This is freaking awesome. It is great over there for riding!
  9. Mr. Electric in Independence. You can request by name. You want Chris.
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