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  1. Please...change one on a Goldwing and compare. Only try if you have at least 2 days of your time. 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Didn't UP do the beard thing one Gap trip? Rolled in and stood around while we all tried to figure out who the hell he was?
  3. The nurse that did my test so I could get the drugs said almost every person she has tested that was positive had recently traveled. So far, this is just a really really bad cold. I think I might be getting better
  4. I actually think I got it in the Porsche. That was the only person I was around for any period of time without a mask.
  5. Runny nose, sore throat and a positive at home COVID test. Going to CVS for test and treat at 730 tonight. Started Wednesday night, I don't feel too bad at all really.
  6. God does flying suck anymore. I blame the airlines with the baggage charges. Everyone carries a ton of shit on, making it a nightmare to get on and off. Kudos to Delta though for awesome in flight entertainment choices. I binged Rick and Morty on the way back. Home.
  7. Hell yeah, if you want to pay for part of my second Wing I won't turn that down. 🤣
  8. Don't ride one until you are fully prepared to buy one. You have been warned.
  9. Video from my laps in the 911.
  10. Not going to do Hawaii. Been there many times and don't really like it. For some reason ND was a PITA for us to get done. We got it passing through to central Canada.
  11. We were just sitting in a restaurant at the MGM talking about a fall trip. Looks like fly to Seattle and rent again. Washington, Oregon and Idaho will complete the lower 48 for us. Next year, Alaska. No debate on that one.
  12. Double check and make sure your bike does not use Can Bus. That changes everything.
  13. It was, even being off season week day there was no shenanigans. Too much traffic but not enough to piss you off.
  14. Brice and Zion are off the charts.
  15. Harley does win on the Nav. Not much different but the touch screen is a game changer. Still shocked Honda didn't do that. It is a serious WTF.
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