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  1. BMW for a rich man with time on his hands for Maintenance or money to buy a new bike or pay somebody to do the maintenance Which you’ll have none of that if you’re stealing a bike or on the run
  2. I always spray the Ceiling and then trim first Paint the walls then touchup trim again with roller and brush
  3. If you turn the first picture Sideways of Beavertail it kind a looks like Native American beaver with monkey pox do I have to eat out this first before I get into Canada?
  4. Party hopping Like barhopping except for not on a Harley Just did a midnight run fresh pavement on 555 from 37 to 78 . Was riding back from Max powers party !. I might make it to ride on 17th My nephew has a birthday party that day though
  5. Are those back up lights in the grenade launcher
  6. Rode 1800+miles of 7 states back roads . 1st stop herpes infested motel $80 Somewhere I don’t remember manage to find the Blue Ridge Parkway ride it till it was closed and then got back on it ran out of gas 12 miles up in the mountains coasted to a gas station yes it’s possible to coast 12 miles down a mountain ,Second stop for 3 days of family actually rented a boat on the lake clearest water you’ll ever see and it was hot though there’s an Airbnb house First house out of Fontana out of the backside road less then a mile recommend it for anybody there’s a garage inside is clean & nice . Third stop breaks interstate motel thought they would have food they didn’t they wanted 120 bucks a night and there was nobody even there I said screw this no food, then it started to pour then I found the interstate motel $60 a night 2 miles from the brakes interstate motel someone just bought it so they’re remodeling but the room was clean and I ate chips , Then drove through flooded back roads
  7. Almost home after a 2000 mile ride on Poplar and untamed back roads in wv/oh/pa/nc/va/ky/tn
  8. No problem . Looks like You got hurt more than the odd Moto greezy italian That walked away with nothing but lower Fairing & saddlebag scratches & windshield Which I find that be amazing But I i never seen bike good before it was wrecked I’m just glad I could help I’ve been in Similar situation’s before !
  9. This is the text from him around 3 o’clock This is the text from him around 3 Six broken ribs and a clavicle. He’s Probably hurting It’ll be in my garage in Louisville until he’s Able to move & figure out, how to get it home I’m headed home tomorrow in my work van from the FishIng shack in waterford & his bikes in the back Just looks scratched up and windshields got the edge of it broke off I had to unscrew it and take it off to put it in my van
  10. I should be on the banana I had to Ride on gas tank for 8miles Till I found somebody with a garage door open and I begged For air I plugged tire with 2psi it last weekend after using it as a dual sport Who would’ve known tires were to soft For Rocky Mud I got a new tire Slapped & her on I’d rather drive the ST1300 Old man bike this weekend but the other bike and stash down south and I have to help somebody on a job
  11. Change the batteries got the 🐁 out of the cheese
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