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  1. Last ticket I got was the same thing, new guy getting trained.
  2. Not sure what that means
  3. What time and where in McConnellsville?
  4. They are calling for rain, now.
  5. Either way it’s at least a 2 hour ride to meet
  6. Sorry to hear about this, Durk.
  7. The wife has to go to classes in Beachwood next week for her new job. We’ll be staying at the Hampton Inn Beachwood for Sunday night through Thursday. Oh Joy! We just got back from a 3 night stay in Myrtle Beach for her work.
  8. Not sure about that. Couple of people on my OR Facebook page were interested. Remember Speedytriple? He’s back on a R1.
  9. I am going to have to cancel this ride. Not sure if I will be back in time, in Boone, NC tonight.
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