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  1. Double yellows are for slow ass cars…
  2. Power is out, here. Bad storm!
  3. Pauly, Roamr, Tony and Blitz are there now.
  4. Looks nice! I grew up on a dual sport, but we just called them enduro bikes.
  5. Left Robbinsville this morning around 9. Rode the Skyway and then hit the Dragon Slayer in Va. and Kentucky. Came out a left hand corner on the Dragon Slayer and there was a black bear with 2 cubs. 600 miles today, 1450 miles in 58 hours. Old guy my ass.
  6. Staying at the Two Wheel Inn tonight. Rode some BRP, 276, 215, and 28 south from 74 to War Woman. 850 miles for 2 days, not too bad for an old guy. The pic is Looking Glass Falls.
  7. The wife says 63 isn’t old, maybe, but I feel old.
  8. I will be 63 in 4 months. 440 miles today. I just need more breaks. In Jefferson, N. Carolina tonight.
  9. Him and his buddy are both on C-14s.
  10. Looks like Ron Durst will be down there with another C-14 guy. They left today for 2 weeks.
  11. Planning on taking a trip down to the Gap next week. Probably leave Tuesday and take a couple of days going down. Planning on camping, possibly staying a couple of nights at the Gap store campground.
  12. Let me know if you need help with that second wing…
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