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  1. (currently wearing a mask because the government says I am mandated to... Js)
  2. This thread will be the death of this forum. I feel like it's barely hanging on as is and now everyone wants to argue about stupid fucking masks. Whatever yall. It's been fun, but if I come here one day and it's gone, I won't be shocked.
  3. Actually... PS5 comes out in like a month and change. Let's loot then. I'm ready to upgrade.
  4. Coronavirus killed George Floyd! Time to loot a Best Buy!
  5. Maybe it got loaded on the wrong truck
  6. They stay out until the route is done... OT
  7. It doesn't look like you took that picture today.....
  8. I'll sell my 2012 CB1000R to the right buyer for the low price of $16,597.13 Buyer arranges delivery. HMU.
  9. He bought new plastics a few weeks /month ago lol
  10. Nothing wrong with work place, school, etc... Every company/entity should have the right to make their own policy (just like businesses who ban guns)... We just don't need to have a fucking law about it. If it's really that bad, people will fall in line. There's no mandatory mask order in my town, but other than the grocery store every business has their own order already. Circle K? Requires mask. Native Grill? Mask. You don't need "mandatory" city/state/federal orders telling people what to wear... If they choose not to wear a mask and every store bans them, then fuck they made a poor choice.... You act like I'm anti-mask but I'm not, I'm anti Uncle Sam telling me wtf I'm supposed to do. Nobody says you're un-American for wearing a mask. Get over yourself. I generally get where you're coming from but come on now. Nobody is judging you for wearing a damn mask. Everyone fucking wears masks dude.
  11. Mandatory to not go to jail? No they shouldn't be. Mandatory to join public schools? Absolutely. "mandatory" to who? Don't try to make me out to be some anti vaccine weirdo because I'm not that guy. If you wanna leave your weird fucking kids unvacc then fine whatever. Home school them, keep them away from my fucking kids who will get their shots to hopefully protecr them from weird fucks like you, and then I also hope your kid dies of polio 🤷🏻‍♂️ sooooo.... Yea I'm not that guy.... "mandatory"?? We talking death penalty? What do you even mean?
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