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  1. I'm supposed to be getting out of this motorcycling thing...
  2. Bol d'Or for $7? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck...
  3. I'm getting 24 hours on a battery. 8 hours of pretty good use and the rest is standby time. Also, I'm located in a valley where it bounces back and forth between 3G and LTE and low connection. So I'm sure that's not helping my cause. Lasts way longer than my old 4 did.
  4. Haha, gonna be kinda hard around here. There's like 5 Aprilias in all of Ohio. I do however have one intact turn signal I could just have the connector cut off and sent to you. You are looking for just the connectors, right? The turn signal side's connector?
  5. You would've been better off replacing the bold words with "because I can't keep the front end down".
  6. I've had the polar opposite happen. Never been happier to see a second cruiser with Mr. Smiley behind the wheel. Got me out of some serious shit.
  7. RSVDon

    Squid time!

    KOS, that's where I've seen it.
  8. RSVDon

    Squid time!

    I feel like I know your screen name from somewhere. Are you on TeamMullet?
  9. RSVDon

    Squid time!

    Totally forgot about that!!!! I think that was my first Coshocton trip. Or second? Shit, I don't remember. I just remember my throttle sticking right after leaving the Pony and having to force it closed the rest of the day.
  10. Swap coffee for Baileys. Swap Baileys for vodka. Done.
  11. RSVDon

    Squid time!

    Took the bike out for lunch for some tasty tasty T-Bell. Upon leaving, geared up, kickstand up, key on, nothing... Shit battery or bad connection. I tried multiple times to start it, got completely flustered and said "fuck it". Leaned the bike back over on the kickstand that wasn't there. I realized this about the time that it was too late. Bike and I fell over, sitting still, in a parking lot. Luckily it didn't pin my leg against the curb, so I had to snake my way out from under it and pick it back up. When I did, I turned the key and had power again! Started it, and sploosh! Coolant everywhere. The tip over had broken a radiator mount and was spewing pressurized coolant all over. Needless to say, she went home in the back of a pickup that day.
  12. If the government wants to see me fuckin' from space, they're more than welcome to. Though I've never considered myself very voyeuristic.
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