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  1. Hey there Pauly- thanks my guy. All is good, and Judd, you're not wrong. My Mini and I roadtrip for the whitewaters. Adrenaline fix. But the Mini with the Stage III, cold air intake and 2.75" Catless exhaust, K03 /K04 hybrid turbo, bigger intercooler, KW coilovers, racing brakes and wheels, and carbon fiber goodies makes me smile too. Forged engine rebuild and Stage III clutch are the next projects.
  2. I get out in my car more than I do on my Aprilia now. My ongoing project/daily. Spews out more oil than an old Harley, but can white knuckle an American Iron fan. RFM, in Columbus. Hi.
  3. RFM

    i want peni

    Just thought I'd check the site out to see if it was happening. So... Bump.
  4. I'm a wiley asshole. I used to have the dual disk version of the bike. Put a 70cc kit on it, a different ignition, a Mikuni 21mm carb kit with choke, Technigas exhaust., and heavier weights... A 2 stroke rocket that could get to 50 faster than most cars, and topped out at 75mph, all while sounding like a pissed off hornet. I put on Avon performance scooter tyres. Might have to get some from Europe.
  5. Anytime is fine. I work until 4:00pm. After that, I'm good.
  6. Bump. $250.00 takes it. Haven't ridden it all season, and I don't see that changing.
  7. Just to put an updated photo of the bike up, now with the Reynolds carbon fiber wheels and the titanium Speedplays. My 15.5 lbs baby...
  8. Looking to clear my garage a little, and there's no way I'm getting rid of the Ape. But the scooter is taking up valuable garage space. 50cc of Italian two stroke scootertastic joy. Oil injected, so no premixing is required. 50 mph, and 50 mpg. The gas tank holds a little under two gallons. Hate shifting gears? As a bonus, this has a CVT transmission... twist and go. $700.00.
  9. But it sure made you squeal the other night.
  10. Currently building a Look carbon fiber bike, with Campagnolo bits. Also have a Fat Chance Yo Eddy from my last year of racing- 1998, complete with XT thumbshifters.
  11. My girlfriend thinks my mustache makes me look goofy.
  12. Gosh, I wish I could grow out a beard.
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