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  1. What the hell kind of tires are on it. Look like off road tires.
  2. I'm positive Bubba is correct. https://www.bmv.ohio.gov/titles-out-state.aspx
  3. Pretty sure the penalty is only 5 bucks. We can start a Go Fund Me if you need help with that.
  4. Turkey is just about ready to go in.
  5. Will there be handies?
  6. Second hit, chrome. I know you BMW tards like chrome. https://www.manciniracing.com/cfvupload52.html
  7. Really? First hit on Google. https://www.ebay.com/itm/403892210941
  8. Changed the oil, cleaned it really well, took out the battery and covered it up. Fuck winter.
  9. @TimTheAzn pays extra for tires like that.
  10. https://youtube.com/shorts/JtlElOqdJos?feature=share
  11. Tonik

    Ride Saturday 11-5

    Speak up when that happens. I can bring mine along.
  12. Tonik

    Ride Saturday 11-5

    Prior to, was on my way to the first meet up spot.
  13. Tonik

    Ride Saturday 11-5

    Roamer peeled off in Akron but I didn't see indications that there was an issue. I suspect old man bladder.
  14. Tonik

    Ride Saturday 11-5

    Yep, Rick did a great job of leading.
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