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  1. No two seater. Have a four seat on order. Bring your quads, or better yet trade them in on a sxs
  2. Come ride with us. We go somewhere most every weekend. Going to HMC/Burning Rock/Outlaw Trails this weekend. Rush the next two
  3. Holly Shit. He went from Black Tod to Kenny Rodgers in no time
  4. Rawlins and Myself will be in Nashville for the big truck show and concert. And I currently don't own any street legal bikes.
  5. 80 will have you no where near the fastest boats on Buckeye. There's 100+mph boats there. Hell theres several 900HP pontoons there that run 70
  6. Like fucking fire ants, never piss off a midget
  7. Well that was true. But the well of nurses that likes to get drunk and naked kept getting dryer by the day with Covid overtime and we honestly have more fun with the camper and SXS. Plus there’s no shortage of drunk redneck women happy to at least be topless in the woods so sold the boat at the end of last season and just spend more time with this. Adulting is hard
  8. That was last weekend. Going to ACC this weekend Probably going to Rush the 29th-1st
  9. Well since we’re now trans friendly or something like that combining cars and bikes I guess that makes SXS a perfect little bastard child 🤷🏻‍♂️ So who else goes drinking and driving in the woods? I try to go somewhere every other weekend. Rush, Tecumseh, HMC, Wildcat, Blue Holler are my usuals. Mostly Rush and Tecumseh but I’m up for group shit about anywhere. Have toy hauler and liquor will travel.
  10. The possibility exists to see midgets there
  11. I didn’t get to watch them first 😔
  12. Excellent. Thanks for real life unbiased review. I myself am looking for a good shoulder rig to suit my lifestyle and my two prized pieces. Do you offer a dual gun rig for Hi Point 40’s? I’m an accomplished ambidextrous shooter and I also fancy myself as a well prepared well trained tactical individual. I’d like to find a two gun shoulder rig to meet those needs and that properly and comfortably supports my twin Hi Point 40’s.
  13. Putnam is an excellent first time track
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