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  1. I've heard there is a seat adjustment for the FJR. Were you riding stock height? I've also seen feedback that a 5'8" guy found the FJR too big to ride comfortably. The C14 cruise from McCruise is plug and play, and about a thousand bucks. Yikes.
  2. The cruise may wind up being the dealbreaker for me. I have kaoko throttle lock and crampbuster on the wee but I find dialling the lock to be awkward enough that I just don't use it. Even if I get it set with the right amount of tension, I'm still adjusting the throttle manually every few seconds.
  3. IKR? Luckily my company is going to a permanent hybrid WFH format so I'll only be in the office 2 or 3 days a week. 🙂
  4. Just hit 10 years on my 2011 Wee and looking to upgrade. Want to stay with the sport/touring. Most of my riding is commuting to work, and for the next 10/15 years I expect my commute to be 100 miles a day. The things I like/dislike about the Wee: Like: Tall seating position, reliability, mpg (I get 55mpg) I have hard cases and top box which are very useful. Givi adjustable screen which is nice. I can choose bwteen country roads or slab for my commute and I generally pick the country roads. Dislike: Power isn't doing it for me any more (my car is faster). It's no less powerful than before, I've just outgrown it (in a couple of ways, lockdown amirite?). All the goodies had to be added (center stand, heated grips, hand guards etc) so the list price of $7.5k wound up being more like $9k. After a bunch of research I'm trying to decide between a C14 and and FJR. Seems like the two are very similar, with only a few distinctions between them: (talking about 2021 models) The FJR is not quite as powerful (but still more power than I need) and has a regular key but has cruise control (which could be huge if I'm doing 50 miles of slab each way to work). Have heard that they aren't as friendly for taller riders (I'm 6'3) 1 year warranty. The C14 has more power, prox key and better for my height, but no cruise control. 3 year warranty. Other than that the two bikes are very similar. What I really want is more power, like lots more. 65hp isn't enough. I want to retain the tall seating position and touring doodads (heated grips/hard cases etc). MPG will be a tradeoff, I know. Who here has an FJR or C14, and do you have any thoughts to share?
  5. Our local store has a limit of 2 packs per person and only has 4-packs in stock, not the bigger 12+ multi-packs. They are fully stocked with 4-packs, but it definitley slows down the rate at which the store can be cleared out.
  6. I wonder if mask compliance will increase now that it's "patriotic".
  7. "I only regret that YOU have but one life I can give for my country."
  8. Our local Wendy's has a sign up saying; "Although Wendy's policy is to wear masks, many of our staff have doctor's notes exempting them." About half the staff did not have masks on. Does anyone know of a medical condition where a person should NOT wear a mask while working within a foot or two of other people for several hours, where it's safe for them to work with food, and that cannot be otherwise accommodated for by having that person person non-customer and non-food work? And that would afflict half the the staff? (4 of 8 people)
  9. I was reading a news article yesterday about companies increasing demanding masks, and there was admittedly well-researched comment at the bottom with numbers of births, deaths, co-morbidities, age etc in which the commenter concluded that by allowing old people and those who are otherwise sick to die, that America will actually come out better with a statistically younger and healthier population. Now, I love my guns n' titties as much as the next guy, but that's just horse shit IMO.
  10. As I understand it, we have the opposite problem too - a sudden rise of people dying at home of 'natural causes' that don't get tested for covid. The only thing we can agree upon, in this respect, is that our data is not 100% reliable.
  11. My problem is I go to work at 630am so it needs to get to at least 40 overnight before I can ride to work. And when it finally does, it pisses down with rain for a month...
  12. The accident report was just posted, and indicates the following: Bike v Semi. Bike was in the rightmost left turn lane, and the semi was in the leftmost left turn lane. Semi drove through the painted center median to reach the turn lane, and the bike made a lane change into tractor unit's drive tires. A friend of mine drove by soon after and says it was a gruesome sight. Both vehicles are noted as having performed an improper action and no fault was determined in the accident report. The police faulting the truck for driving through the median, and faulting the bike for not realizing the truck had made it to the lane and turning into the middle of it. Regardless - my heart goes out to all involved. Another biker dead for a momentary lapse in situational awareness, and another driver who has to live with the knowledge his time saving cost a life. I tend to try to look closely at these things and try to learn lessons from them. I guess the lesson here for the biker community is that what the Brits call the "Lifesaver look" really does earn its name. (One extra shoulder check before turning or changing lane, even if you know it's clear). Be safe everyone.
  13. Did anyone make it far enough into the video enough to figure out what was wrong with the bike?
  14. Scruit

    New Bike

    That acceleration is borderline science fiction. If i got one of those I'd likely die on the first ride.
  15. If you are on this site: Your bike's key was left with the investigating officer. I shut off your bike but the police didn't want me the move it out of the lane yet. You had an EMR, two nurses and an off-duty medflight dude looking after you until squad arrived, so you were in good hands. Heal up, and hope to see you on the road again.
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