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  1. @Pauly if your going to be strictly be doing on road riding would you rather prefer the RT over the GSA? How was RT handling on street compared to your gsa?
  2. It was such a pleasant surprise to meet you there my friend. Imagine how random it was, that was a small gas station in the middle of no where and the odds were slim to none. hope you had a great rest of the ride. Will be seeing you Ohio folks around in NC randomly as I am always roaming these mountains aimlessly 🤣🤣🤣 if at all coming down this way holler and I will try to join as much as possible.
  3. Yes haven't posted anything didn't ride for a long time then back again. Yes that dude is faaaast. Scraping everything, flash through the gap, also running advanced in track days with dedicated sports bike with that XR. he is unofficial representation of sporty nature of XR. 😄
  4. Awesome my friend, hopefully someday me and wife also get to complete the 48 mapping.
  5. Missed seeing you Timmy, I really wish you had a street legal bike as well. So also missed the ever present @hellmutt and @snot tim when will you guys be coming to NC track days again?
  6. And the grand finale, found one before pauly hid
  7. It rained or wet pavement on almost 50% of my journey. But the rest of the 50% made up for the fun and time lost on the other sections 😄 I love this bike, this will be a keeper for some time, going to spend coins for mods. Interesting how the crazy mind works, I had the XR and GSA which is build for trips like these and I didn't like them as much as this little bike which was not meant for such a trip at all.
  8. Some sleep and food, ready to type again. first off @durk so awesome for you to take the initiative to post the ride and put this together. And it seems like your not jinxed like me or Derek and granted with great weather when every where else around it was raining. And my friend that connie fits you like a glove and you ride it so well and fast. It was perfect pace and smoooooooth. It could use more dampening and preload in rear shock if you have that option. it was fantastic to meet everyone. It felt like coming home to a family dinner without the dysfunctional component, well May be some 😄 all the familiar faces and meeting some new ones. These days over in NC as well I just go out and ride for 2 days all mountain roads and back but this one was way longer but so much more satisfying to have a goal to meet y'all. I wish I could have finished the ride but that would have been the death of me, good thing I split of when I did. next one I plan to take an extra day and finish the ride. Or better you guys join me for the WV loop on my way down or the way up. I took all back roads 16 mainly up and back as well through Virginia 33. Beautiful. (Ps: if you haven't done wv 31 do it ) @Uncle Punki still clearly remember it as yesterday the first ride I think like 14 yrs ago or so. That was my second ever ride in US (the first ever one I low sided 🤣) still didn't know how to ride these big cc bike. You patiently waited and swept the whole way. I was feeling very guilty ruining you ride and asked you to go have fun multiple times. You were the one who's told me don't fear revving the sport bike engine to higher rpm. Till then I used to ride like in Indian mentality highest gear lowest rev more mpg 😄😄 since that day I haven't seen any rpm below 10 lol And yesterday, you pulled a fast one, literally came with Santa Claus beard and all mature and gentlemanly. I was thinking you changed, if not would never have chased you on tour favorite playground of 83 hahah but it turned out really really fun my friend, you still go like a mad man. I am pretty sure my bike flew for a bit going triple digit on one of those bumps 🤯, I could not keep that intensity going on the last fishy section with uneven pavement right on the corners but felt so good to see you just glide on that without one second of hesitation 👍🏽 Sorry to hear about the oopsy check eBay for parts, XR always shows up. The naked bike and those speeds is really crazy, I have a sore spot on the chin where the chin bar was pressed against from all the wind blast. @Grokked so sorry to hear this news, hopefully you heal up soon. Unfortunate and off course Joel is the right person with the great helping mind, especially southern Ohio is his region of reign. 👍🏽 @Pauly hope to meet you soon somewhere in the mountains my friend. Didn't get to talk much at all. @Skinny Rick we will keep talking about how to set up our bike. If you haven't done so far, make sure you set the preload right using the bmw tool. Transforms the bike. uploaded bunch of pics to the album, I set our early morning to do some back roads and ended up in Muskie for the quintessential picture will definitely be doing this loops again, 3 days and no rain , a better seat and windscreen, it will be perfect. Some amazing roads. Don't know why I love 78 so much, it's the banking I guess, to just go through the whole road in 5-6 gear full throttle and not fly off the corner since the banking is so high is a rarity among roads in NC.
  9. NinjaDoc

    One hour to go.

    Can't believe you missed epic ride for this 😅
  10. NinjaDoc

    2022 Epic ride to the epic ride

    Ride from Raleigh NC to Ohio
  11. Home safe, spent 15 hrs straight on the saddle today, will report back more tomorrow. Need to rest now.
  12. Whole body hurts, gear all soaked, still smiling. But dreading the thought of going back 10hrs in rain 🤦🏽‍♂️
  13. I won't deny any of these accusations 😭 as of now I need shock treatment. If not who in the right mind sells GSA and buys naked bike and then decides to cross two states on a rainy weather prediction 🤦🏽‍♂️
  14. My man behave when you show up, we are not gonna devolve into hooliganism oky 🤣
  15. I was going to tell rick you said "yes" on first page itself and to add you to the list. Will be nice to meet you again Justin, even if not on an Fjr
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