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  1. Heya Joe!!!! Get that bike running and you, me and Chris can go ride!!!
  2. Now take the MSF course!!!!!!
  3. ninjachic


    I second yosemite. It was really cool when we went. Just bring lots and lots and lots of bug spray. and careful the cabins (at least back in 2002) were seriouslly bug infested. but outside of that it's really pretty. If you go up to northern Cali, there's a place called Crater Lake that is pretty cool. It used to be a volcano that exploded and became a crater with a lake in the middle of it. I've been there a few times and it's really cool as well.
  4. That would be me. haha Welcome little bro!
  5. That's really really funny.
  6. Haha thanks. And you know I will!!!
  7. Thanks. As I got a sticker on the way.
  8. Who says I never got off the center of the tire on my 250?
  9. Thanks guys. I'm super excited. I got to ride it around the block and it was so hard to control myself.
  10. Oh yeah! Now if only it would stop raining long enough to actually ride it.
  11. Finally got ride of the old 250 and upgraded to a much much nicer 500.
  12. On my way to look at a new bike!!!!! Well new to me anyway.
  13. I hope everything's ok. Ill def keep my fingers crossed for ya.
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