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  1. Well I suck! Even though there is 8 or more just sitting down there nobody seems to want to sell them. There excuse is that "maybe a family member will come down and want to use someday"
  2. I am going down next week, I will send you pics and pricing and if you want one or two I will bring back with me.
  3. If you guys are serious let me know...I know more than a few people that bought them down at Cumberland and they have turned into garage decorations...I am sure they would sell for cheap.
  4. This is awesome, looking forward to following from here on.
  5. There is a place in NE Ohio that we can rent supercars for the day??
  6. Ahh the old booby trap! I would be in for a SXS ride here soon. Would have to get my copilot @blake1221 to go.
  7. Agree!! I have had 3 stolen from my company vehicles in the last two months...Had to build and weld rebar cages around all of them just to prevent these crack heads from stealing them.
  8. Definitely will be on the water this year, I have a camp at Lake Cumberland and we ordered a new Yamaha 252SD that should be here anytime now...Once she is in I will be selling my Tahoe Q7. Now with gas prices at probably $7 a gallon on the water I am not sure how much boating compared to floating we will be doing!
  9. durk, that car is sexy!!
  10. Last time I went it was such a shit show i just went ahead and paid for the 2 year registration on everything so i didn't have to go back for a while.
  11. Congrats man, welcome back!
  12. Motorcycling is in your blood, it's part of who you are...get out there and take a stroll bud, you don't have to drag your knee through the corners of the back roads or anything but get some of that wind and clear your mind it will definitely be good for you in the long run.
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