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  1. Ah, this is all you've done together? My wife had 30~40 when we got together, and I was at 20~25. We've probably done 30+ together, some overlapping our previous trips before. Her last was Hawaii and we went there for our 10th anniversary. I really did like it there. But for me just liking a place isn't enough to make me need to go back soon, I have to love it. Because there are so many other places in the world to visit that I haven't been to yet. I'd rather go to a new place than some place I just liked. I really want to go to Alaska but want it to be my last state. I spent around 15 years going to Northern MN every winter for work, I really should have taken a day and went over to ND/SD at some point. What I imainge is there's just not so much to draw someone to visit the area, and things are also really far apart. So you may need to make a trip just to go there, which doesn't seem that appealing. It seems like you almost have to drive there, and it's far, so there's another time suck. Just lots of little things that seems like it's hard to go to the area. No so much hard but when I think about doing a trip there VS somewhere else, the other place wins out.
  2. Awesome looking trip! Zion's still one of my favorite parks. I'm at 47/50. Will probably try to get to ND and SD this year, then hopefully Alaska next year too, and that would be all 50! We may go to Japan in 2023 which would push Alaska to 2024.
  3. I might have been someone money a (non garage queen) GN with a stock turbo on it no longer existed. Cool car!
  4. Trying to look at this from outside. So, you're basically asking a 'friend of a friend of a friend' to give someone a car at below market value? That class/size of car's only going to be even more inflated right now due to tater's emotionally reacting the fuel prices. I did a quick AutoTrader search of just Civics. I imagine you might have more luck with the others due to possibly higher depreciation. There are Zero on AutoTrader in that area. Only half a dozen in Columbus area and they all look like they are at (shady?) used car lots. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/all-cars/cars-under-20000/honda/civic/portsmouth-oh-43214?dma=&searchRadius=50&priceRange=&location=&startYear=2017&marketExtension=include&maxMileage=50000&isNewSearch=true&showAccelerateBanner=false&sortBy=relevance&numRecords=25 This one could be a deal, but Alpha Motorsports sounds like Denny Dotson... maybe worse if the owner imagines themself as an Alpha https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=629951921&allListingType=all-cars&maxPrice=20000&priceRange=&makeCodeList=HONDA&modelCodeList=CIVIC&city=Columbus&state=OH&zip=43214&location=&searchRadius=50&startYear=2017&marketExtension=include&maxMileage=50000&isNewSearch=false&showAccelerateBanner=false&sortBy=relevance&numRecords=25&dma=&referrer=%2Fcars-for-sale%2Fall-cars%2Fcars-under-20000%2Fhonda%2Fcivic%2Fportsmouth-oh-43214%3Fdma%3D%26searchRadius%3D50%26priceRange%3D%26location%3D%26startYear%3D2017%26marketExtension%3Dinclude%26maxMileage%3D50000%26isNewSearch%3Dfalse%26showAccelerateBanner%3Dfalse%26sortBy%3Drelevance%26numRecords%3D25&clickType=supplemental I had an EX-T MT of a similar year (and an Si a year or two later) and really liked it. The base car get's a 2.0L n/a and the 'upgarde' is a 1.5L turbo, noticeably more power and better MPGs.
  5. http://www.columbusracing.com/forums/picture.php?albumid=744&pictureid=6098
  6. You can find the size of both of them at this link.
  7. Didn't really mean to say HQ, or realize it was moved to CA, just that they have a presence there. Everyone I've known to go there seems to be moving out to CA, so makes sense the HQ is there now. A buddy I worked with who's in CA w/Rivian now posted he used one for holiday vacation trip to see family in FL, so seems like it's a thing they are doing.
  8. If they don't get Owen Wilson for commericals I'm going to be disapointed.
  9. Rivian's HQ is in Detroit, their plan is in Normal IL (old DSM plant), and quite a few from the auto industry in central Ohio went to work for Rivian. From what I can also gather, they seem to be allowing some employee's to use/drive the cars on long trips, probably as a kind of test. I think they are going to use the Electrify America chargers, so I imagine they are seeing how long distance trips with their cars on that network work. Not too far fetched to think someone is back in Central Ohio who worked in the auto industry here is now working for Rivian and back visiting friends or family.
  10. By the way, when he mentions Functional Safety this is (very likely) what he's talking about. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_26262
  11. No worries, to be fair you could always use the 'I didn't start it' defense here.
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