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  1. They keep predicting food shortages. Its not a prediction, its planned.
  2. Thats a slippery slope though. Because you're actually advocating for regulations. The constitution is very clear about no infringement. Hopefully people will seek training anyway. Its up to responsible owners to educate. Offer assistance if you see someone at a range that seems dangerous. Friendly conversation and mention training and keep business cards with you.
  3. Cool more people to argue with.
  4. that's where you're wrong dipshit. I corrected them several times. you can't even read. i said this.
  5. yeah boys, it's online next time for sure. i've been driving since I turned 16 getting my own tags. i'm now 46. that was the absolute worst experience at the bmv in my life. that includes getting my license the first time. there's no instructions what to do. theres a big QR code on the door. that's it. nothing. the QR code did nothing for me. i'm not downloading a scam app just for the bmv. go inside everyone is sitting in rows of folding chairs. 12 people standing right inside the door nowhere to sit. just a big tv on the wall with numbers like at the deli. except the deli everyone knows what you need to do to get in line. this was a crap show.
  6. dont be hatin because you have to pay extra to get cerekote and grips for your glock.
  7. you talking about turkey? where 99% of shot guns come from now? not sure of your claims. have any info to back that up?
  8. I honestly can't believe DeWine signed it! hell yeah boys. america is still free...for now. still want to see the details. something tells me they kept the cant carry in a car bullshit https://www.nraila.org/articles/20220314/ohio-gov-dewine-signs-constitutional-carry
  9. got it at field and stream in dayton for $199. it's a sar 9. striker fired. cerekote. 2 17rd mags. 3 grips. HK and glock had a baby.
  10. wtf is up with how they're doing this shit now? make you scan a code on the door and sit in line. that's the longest line i've ever sat in before. 1 hr. used to only take 10 to 15 minutes. and what's up the new hideous license plates? it ruins the whole look of your vehicle.
  11. also wanted to add in my experience with the ST pads are 1. they warm up very quickly. 2. they definitely work as well wet as they do dry. 3. strong initial bite that doesn't stop all the way through to the complete stop. I don't know how you'd word that. but the grip didn't fade in or out. it was the same all the way through. 4. they're considered a track day/street pad. they may require more heat than a standard brake pad.
  12. if you didn't like the ST you probably didn't clean your rotors to remove the other pad materials. this is a big mistake a lot of people make switching pad compounds and brands. if you don't have a rotor hone then try using a red scuff pad from 3M. get a few at a autobody paint supply store. if you don't get all the other pad materials off the rotor you're just smearing it around with the new pads. they will never bed in properly and never give you all the potential they offer. ive had them on my bikes for years and love em. I have also tried EBC HH pads and they worked just as good. I tried some Galfer sintered pads and I think the owner didn't clean the rotors enough. they felt wooden. I know they should have way more bite. https://braketech.com/rotor-hone-user-inst-2/#
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