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  1. Just ordered a couple of generic fenders and a fork seal kit for it. Guess I'm committed to this thing now... I was thinking of painting the fenders a contrasting color because I'm tired of seeing all black bikes. What about white or aluminum silver color? I think I'll put the Li battery from my Bandit in this so I can lay it down sideways & hide the battery box better. Then I'll get a new one for the Bandit. And what about an upswept end can for the exhaust? Have to go searching for that...
  2. Not that there's anything wrong with that! 😆
  3. Yeah, Shinko Trail Masters! I'm going to turn in into an "On Any Sunday" era looking scrambler or something. It's a winter project. I'll likely flip it in the spring unless I end up making it too ugly for anybody to love.
  4. Great news. Thanks guys. I'll keep the forum updated with pictures of the project as it moves along.
  5. I knew I could count on OR! Thanks, Tonik.
  6. I'm going to look at a 1996 GS500E today for a project bike and I have a question. The owner is living between OH & MI and has a clear MI title for the bike. The bike runs but has a couple minor issues that will keep it from passing OH inspection. The BMV's website indicates that I have 30 days to transfer the title (which requires inspection) but I'm not sure I will be able to get the bike ready that soon nor do I want to have to ride it to get it inspected in December weather. Is there any way I can buy it today, spend the winter customizing it, and wait until spring for the inspection? BMV says there will be a penalty if I wait more than 30 days to transfer title. Does anybody have experience with this?
  7. It's a subscription, you have to pay more periodically when you want to use the "advanced features"!
  8. I'm out. Father-in-law is in the hospital. Have fun and bring everybody back.
  9. Another old guy thinking about meeting up in McConnelsville. Not sure I believe B-mac can behave, though...
  10. Sorry about your friend, how is he recovering? I've had a few friends finish a fun day early with an ambulance trip. One was right in front of me (I rode between him and his bike while I was trying to stop) and another was lost down an embankment for about an hour before we found him too injured to climb out. Anytime we ride, we run the risk of not finishing safely. More people means more chances of that happening. Less experienced riders want to ride with somebody faster so they can learn and improve, but sometimes they push too hard or freeze up. It's a difficult choice to decide to be the rabbit - you could be helping a friend grow in the sport or you could be leading him to a trip to the ER. Ultimately, every rider's responsibility to get home that night is his own, not yours. Riding solo and riding with a friend or group both have their pros & cons, but you can't feel responsible for what other riders do. At least, you were there to help him and make sure he got transported to a hospital - had he been solo... I'm retired now, so let me know if you need a helper to go recover his bike.
  11. Isn't that why we call it "riding weather"?
  12. Everything goes under the bungee net or it stays behind - that includes the wife. Since I took off the pillion footpegs, nobody wants to be a pillion anymore.
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