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I've had a long-term hatred of Dunlop tires.  They've come on a few new and used motorcycles that I've owned.

It always seems to be the same problem...the fronts are typically good enough, but Dunlop rears seem to easily break loose when accelerating out of corners or when braking in a straight line.  Noticeably less grip than tires in the same categories from Michelin, Pirelli, Conti, Metzeler, etc.

Based on several good reviews, I decided to give the RS3 a try.  Big mistake.  It was the absolute worst ST tire I've tried in the last 10 years.  It was complete trash when accelerating out of 2nd or 3rd gear corners & my TC light would come on frequently just to remind me that my rear tire was garbage.  It even limited the amount of fun I had on a trip to Deals Gap.

I wound up trying the RS4 rear, based on someone's opinion.  Everything that was bad on the with the RS3 rear is actually improved on the RS4.  Maybe it's not quite as good as a Conti Road Attack 3, but it's pretty close...and should last a bit longer too.





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