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  1. Looks like a great trip. Where was the Bucky’s? Amazing place
  2. I have over 80,000 miles on the darkside. I love it and will never go back to a MC tire on the rear of my wing. I always use a run flat tire 👍
  3. New desk plate for the mods
  4. Looks like a great trip 👍 We are hoping to get there this fall
  5. I know Tank and talk to him frequently. I’ll let him know
  6. Met a couple from Montana driving a big a$$ Ford diesel pickup this morning here along the Lake Shore. They were on the way home from the DC freedom convoy. Apparently a few of the organizers who raised funds to help participants pay for fuel absconded with the money and left many of the truckers holding the bag, so to speak. These folks said they knew it was time to leave when Ted Cruz showed up. 🙄😂
  7. Registration online / mail is the way to go. I renewed my DL in late September and did the 8 year deal too. Not that it affects many of you yet, but they only do 8 year renewal if you’re under 65. I made it by a year. 👍
  8. update 1/11/22 Side cases and racks have been sold. Top case and mounting plate are still available. Shipping for it would cost more than the case.
  9. Is that singular or plural ? Just asking for a friend. 😎
  10. Looks like a great trip. I know most of those roads and wish I was there now 👍 I agree, avoiding the Gap is a good idea. Its a circus now
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