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Caught an oil trail in a roundabout today and went for a bit of a slide


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4 hours ago, MSerfozo said:

Did you save it?

I, traction control, or the bike geometry. At the end my legs were out cowboy style feet off the pegs. I can't say if I moved them or the bike wobble shook them off.



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Oil is no joke.

Years ago there was a patch of oil by one of the fracking sites on a curvy section of 556.  I was accelerating out of a corner, and suddenly the rear tire just started spinning.

The CBR600RR I was riding shook hard and flicked me on top.  Next thing I knew I was laying on the tank looking down at the front fender.  Luckily still holding onto the handgrips.  Somehow, I was still on 2 wheels with pavement underneath me.  I took a second, but I was able to get it back under control without riding into the woods.  

I actually called OSHP and reported it.  Hopefully that fracking site got cited, before someone got hurt.




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Way back when I was a teen on a CB160, I watched two big bikes in front of me stop at a light on an oil slick. Standing still, one went down, and the other guy laughed at him, just before he went down too. I decided to go WAY around them in the opposing lanes. Downtown Columbus.

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