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  1. Air Filter Service, Not more than 5min to access, filter in hand. Valves?? Yes many V-Strom Valve clearance Insp./Adj. on my 2004/2014 and this 2016. Air Filter: 1. Fuel tank top cover: 3ea. Allen screws. 2. Fuel tank side covers: 4ea. Allen screws. 3. Fuel Tank: 1ea. Forward 10mm nut and bolt, 1ea. Rear Allen screw, 1ea. Fuel supply line, (Lock Clip) 2ea. Vent hoses.(No Clamp) 4. Air Filter cover. 6ea. Cross tip screws
  2. Air cleaner service & Tail light issue.
  3. Great Ride with Killer Kaw. 285miles total. Great to see Nivin and the O.R. crew. Big Thanks to Durk for the set-up.
  4. The Gap event Cxl'ed. Today I road the long ass "SOAL" Southern Ohio Adventure Loop. (over rated). I am draging ass right now stuffing my face with pizza and a oaky finish cabernet. But.... I will rise to the occasion and get my old ass on the Z1K in the morning and meet you after a productive bowel movment and a spirited ride to New Concord.
  5. 243 Miles of back road fun with Spyder Wife. Over to Theo's in Cambridge then down to Marietta and back to Hocking Hills.
  6. Out Playing in the back roads with friends.
  7. 30April2022 188mile ADV ride in S.E. Ohio. Some Photo's and Vid clips.
  8. I have a 4 day Deals Gap area Moto, ride & camp commitment scheduled the Iron Horse Lodge .😪 If weather down south, TN./NC. causes a cancellation I will show up for this "Blitzkrieg Bop"🤓
  9. Road 250+ Miles of curvy asphalt with my spyder wife and had lunch at Marv's place in Sardis. Roads: 255,536,800 in great shape.
  10. Got my EPM Performance Hyperpro rear shock back from free rebuild last mo. So today I serviced/inspected my front suspension with it's race tech innards. Getting ready for the next warm Sat./Sun. to ride the Southern Ohio Adventure Loop https://www.advrider.com/f/threads/ive-got-s-o-a-l.1402955/
  11. No sale, I need to keep it for your epic rides that are great fun.👨
  12. 220miles day lunch ride from Hocking hills to Marietta "Boat House of Marietta Boathouse BBQ" and return.
  13. Crap Video of my Trip
  14. Just returned from trucking the bike down to Taledaga National Forest, AL. for two days of Adventure riding the Forrest roads and two tracks in the mountains.
  15. Loaded bike and gear for trip in the morning down south 10hrs. to Talladega National Forrest for some Alabama forest high country riding for two day's.
  16. I made my own plate for my bike in Afghanistan.😄 At some of the Afghan checkpoints they were scratching there heads wondering.
  17. B-Mac

    NEO Dinner

    Out of my Dinner range. Enjoy!
  18. Noted. You are a busy Man. Well Done.
  19. Yes, Rutted 4X4 tracks fill with water & smegma can be a pain at times and the rocks in the streams also. We had much fun riding two days and enjoying Marietta at night for food and drink.
  20. Forgot this one from WV and east Ohio. We overnight-ed in Marietta to get a fresh start on a 160 mile advance level route that winded it's way just inside West Virginia. Next day we jumped on another route back into Ohio and split up just east of Woodsfield and went our ways home. Video, dirt starts at 3:50
  21. Let's here it for the two new 2020 Adventure Riders on the O.R. Forum.👍😎 Lot's of great riding in this area. maybe we can do a first annual O.R. Epic Dirty Ride this year.
  22. Is the tire changer sold. I have a friend that may be interested. Thanks
  23. Yes Yes, I am in with the Fast-ies!!😎 Ahhh, Will there be donuts available in the staging area.
  24. With what you have stated, I think that bike will meet your current needs plus you have great fire roads just south of you. Give a shout if you need a wing man, I have a shitload of routes below I-70. I have been spending a lot of time in East Ohio just south of Woodsfield, Love the gas/oil routes. I am planning a possible trip down to Talladega National Forest next week for two day's of adventure stuff, (72deg's) Stay Safe. B.
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