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  1. Probably for a few seasons, especially if this update is up to the hype. I will have less than $1000 in parts and labor for new suspension front and rear.
  2. Nice day to ride. Even better day to upgrade the suspension on the Goldwing. I use the word "upgrade" without reverence to Merriam-Webster, but anything is better than air forks and shocks. I'm sending the forks out for rebuild because I don't have the tools anymore, and I can't imagine anything I'd rather smell less than 30 year old fork oil. 😅 Shocks are installed, but I need a spanner to swing them into "FatAF" mode. I'm excited to see how much better this bike can handle fully loaded.
  3. I was banned from the GoldWing forum for suggesting the manual bike was almost perfect and only needed a quick-shift setup like BMW has.
  4. Pauly

    Damn it.

    Question is... fox tail or bunny?
  5. Here's to a quick recovery on both counts, Brian. 🍻
  6. Ouch. Glad you're mostly alright.
  7. Yep. Thinking about sending the heads out for porting and polishing.
  8. I had only completed one side. It's 100% done now. Needed to set an hour aside to finish what I started.
  9. Removed the faux wood trim from the rear storage doors. Took longer than I'd like, but shorter than expected. May work my way through the cockpit this winter, but I'm satisfied with how this turned out.
  10. Knipex was all I would purchase for my field service team. Knipex Plier Wrench is also a good addition to the Cobra wrench.
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