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  1. I can change the air cleaner on the GS in about 20 minutes. I mean.. I won't, but I could.
  2. Is that better or worse than attempting to jerk off with a Bowtie arm and needing mommy and daddy government to cover your expenses to get the job finished?
  3. I appreciate you, Tim. Honestly. Perhaps another time.. I'm too busy next month to deal with the logistics of a trackday.
  4. Leathers. Tires. Disposable motorcycle. All these things cost money.
  5. At any given time, I am subject to fly out of the country within 24 hour notice. I would have to schedule vacation to make a track weekend permanent.
  6. My work schedule is too sporadic to pay for track time in advance. Shaming me via internet forum won't work, either. Say hi to gasser for me.
  7. Looks like an amazing ride even on a Harley.
  8. At least they aren't BMW that built the 2022 RT without any Android Auto/Car Play interface at all.
  9. Check the rear shock preload. Chances are its not set firm enough. Although nothing will turn that bike into a wishbone-suspended flat-sixxer. Speed safe.
  10. Yep. I am very excited to hear Amanda talk about ordering riding gear, but I will miss my BMW if/when she decides she's ready to ride again. I'll take the FOIA model, please.
  11. I'm honestly surprised it was gutless. They're known for gobs of low end. Do you think the rental place has them detuned for the average Harley Bro?
  12. #shitmyrichfriendsays
  13. Its Limited, alright... on power and handling.
  14. Good to hear from you, Roland. I hope you and yours are well and happy.
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