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  1. So will you be needing any deers dispatched this year?
  2. Thanks that would be great to have another semi local bow spot.
  3. I drop off the site for a year an miss this! I was looking for a spot for me an my son this season. Let me know for next season if the offer still stands.
  4. I would say put lots of rounds through it. Find things you don't like about it an start from there. We could meet at select fire N shoot if you want it's up the street from your pizza shop. I don't pay to shoot much anymore since I have a close private property I use most of the time.
  5. That's what he gets for not riding out in the country on a twisty road.
  6. Or in my case what messed me up is working at a company that pushed us to the max of our equipment on piece work. We made great money for years, which led me to build a new house an buy nice things. We lived within our means an had savings I put decent money in 401. Then years later they cut our prices by 1/3. After a few years of not being able to earn the same money, I now live house poor. I have thought about downsizing the house an using equity from it to better the situation. I am always looking for a better job, but after 21 years in a specialized feild work is hard to find making any better money. Having a large family with medical needs adds to the problems.
  7. Saw a buddy run his Jeep through the woods last night an take a tree branch to the side wall. He had fun limping it down with a flat tire.
  8. Lbts glws. Pocket .380's are painful lol. I do like these though.
  9. Just turn the radio up more you won't notice it then.
  10. Even better it came with a diesel in it lol. How's that working out track down the cause yet.
  11. Yes, yes it does. The only free time I have now I spend in the woods ,(with my two oldest most of the time) hunting is my new free time.
  12. With as busy as I am I try to make time for sleeping. I do miss it sometimes, but just not happening anytime soon.
  13. Wait till you have four kids Bad, then let me know how it is lol. Busy does not describe it.
  14. I was hooked for years, then life got to busy an I lost interest. Now I have no time or money to get back into it.
  15. He learned from school. He plays the double bass in the school orchestra, they have a program called electrifie your strings. He learned to play the bass guitar in that program. He got to play with Mark woods from trans Siberian orchestra in the program.
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