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  1. After a long 4 days of riding I was exhausted and a little dizzy and I walked directly into the big ass wood bed frame. Tore my shin open pretty nicely. Best motorcycle trip injury so far. But I was lucky to have 3 folks there able to help out with first aid and getting me and my bike home. I appreciate you fellas
  2. Likwid

    Gap Trip?

    Should have gone
  3. It's really good, I just like triggering my best friend in the whole world Jim Kennedy
  4. The bisque could be better.
  5. New brake pads and rotors on the RT... The old pads didn't have much life left in them
  6. Drained the final drive, greased the splines, and put it all back together. Not too bad for a bike with over 50k miles.
  7. I think he does it after we all go to sleep.
  8. Cole Creek in Rocky Top TN... Best BBQ I've ever had. Cheers to @Pauly and @Blitz! Pulled Pork BLT with candied bacon and burnt ends.
  9. Likwid

    Vegas bitches!!

    Hell of a trip by the looks of it man!
  10. This reminds me of the food classification game I play with my wife. Salad or sandwich
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